Jim Walter’s Tiny House

by Kent Griswold on March 14th, 2014. 47 Comments

by Jim Walters

A lot is being said about tiny houses these days so I thought I would show everybody mine. It’s right around 200 square feet. Total cost to build for me was about $600.00. One or two could live in it, but one would be ideal.

Right now it’s a guest house, but I used to have my studio in it and where my wife and I would party. It is basically made of left overs from when I built the cabin we live in now.


Jim's cabin

interior 1

interior 2

interior 3

interior 4

cabin on the hill


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Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on March 1st, 2014. 3 Comments

I featured Alex and Mina’s photography a few weeks ago in the Tiny House in a Landscape feature and Mina contacted me to share another location and small abode in a landscape they had discovered on their travels.

This one is called “The Old Ice House” which is located in Upper Jay, near Lake Placid, New York. Mina said they had a wonderful and restful stay at this old ice house.

the ice house upper jay upstate new york cabin autumn travel photography

Come to find out you can stay there too if you choose. This old restored ice house is on AirBnB and you can click here to get all the info.

The Icehouse is surrounded by nearly a thousand acres of privately owned land, and offers miles of completely private hiking trails leading into the forests and up into the mountains that belong to the house.

books at the cabin

The historic 19th century property derives its name from its original purpose – it was built to store blocks of ice during the warmer months of the year that were cut in the winter from the ponds. The ice was used to cool the storage rooms of the nearby Wellscroft Lodge (and probably ended up in the odd cocktail here…).

You can see more pictures of the old ice house and follow Alex and Mina’s travels at sending postcards.

cabin living stuffed owl taxidermy

cabin bedroom decor

cabin in the woods

Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on February 22nd, 2014. 6 Comments

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a photo of a cabin taken by Alex and Mina on a road trip that they took from Montreal to Val-Des-Lacs, Canada. They published an online travelogue of their trip on a blog entitled “sending postcards” which you can view here.

I personally enjoy rustic cabins and this one with its weathered wood siding and nice big porch is particularly inviting to me. I like the way the porch protects the wood from the bulk of the snow and can only imagine the warmth that wood brings during a cold winter day. I would enjoy seeing an interior photo of the cabin but my guess is that Alex and Mina were not able to go inside as there are no inside photos to share.

cabin in Canada

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Grandmother’s Tiny House

by Kent Griswold on February 21st, 2014. 30 Comments

A grandmother named Monica Smith worked on her tiny 8 x 10 shed in her back yard. Her neighbors laughed when they realized she was converting it into a tiny cabin. It was very strange that she was putting so much effort into this small space. However it was not just a hobby this grandmother had a plan.

Her youngest daughter and her five children had lost their home and needed a place to go. Monica decided to give them her large home and she would move back into the shed cabin and call it home.

Is that not the most generous grandmother or what?

See the original post with more photos here. http://www.viralnova.com/grandma-tiny-house/

shed house

Anna Wallace


Anna Wallace

living room

Anna Wallace

entertainment area

Anna Wallace

dining area

Anna Wallace

stairs to bedroom

Anna Wallace

living area

Anna Wallace







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