Tiny House in a Landscape

Steven from Tiny House Listings just got back from a weekend vacation up to the mountains of North Carolina, just outside of Asheville. They rented out an 1800’s log cabin and on the property was this little tiny house. It was originally used to homeschool the family’s 9 children over 100 years ago. Since then it has obviously been renovated and modernized, but it still has rustic charm. Today it’s used as a bunkhouse for the owner’s many grandchildren when they all use the house for get-togethers.

Thanks Stephen for this beautiful Tiny House in a Landscape photo.

The Little Bunkhouse in the Woods Plans

Joe Chipman who we covered a while back in a post called Tiny Bunkhouse in the Woods has put together an ebook of his plans and photographs of his actual build of the bunkhouse and is now offering them for sale through the Tiny House Blog.

This 64 square foot, 8′ x 8′ bunkhouse also includes an additional 4′ x 8′ front porch. In his plans Joe walks you step by step through the process of building the bunkhouse via pictures and a short explanation.

Joe also includes plans for the bunkhouse beds and demonstrates how to build them. For quite a small amount of money and some hard work you can have a neat little bunkhouse or other type of outbuilding ready to move into and use.

Joe is offering his plans and ebook for $17.00 and you can buy them right here on this page or on the Tiny House Plans Page.

* see interior photos below

The Little Bunkhouse in the Woods Plans
PDF Format – 35 Pages – $17.00
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Tiny Bunkhouse in the Woods

Joe in Michigan sent me his story about what he is doing in his life right now and how he is downsizing.

I have been a tiny house fan all my life and a fan of your website for over a year.

In 1997 I had to sell my 2000 sq ft house in the country and move into a trailer park in town. Not wanting to sell my solar panels and equipment with the house, I installed them on my 1979 camper trailer and parked it on my parents back 40 for safe keeping and the solar camp was born.

Mom was quick to tell me where a good place was to place the fire pit and I had a 4ft by 8ft building for the kids to wait for the school bus moved over into the area.


Last year I put in a sawdust privy and power for the camper trailer and a 35 gallon rain barrel with an outdoor sink in. This spring wanting a better place to deal with the food from the cookouts, I added on to the backside of the privy an Arizona kitchen.

I have been drawing and dreaming of my little house on wheels for my retirement years, I came across your article on a 8ft by 8ft finished house for $9,000 this inspired me to start drawing on the 64 sq ft idea.

Needing a temporary replacement for the camper trailer next year when I remove the old trailer from the frame and build my new 8ft by 22ft little house on wheels, I started the bunkhouse which is 8ft by 8ft with a 4ft covered deck.

I have to date finished the exterior and should have the bunkhouse ready for sleeping in a mouth or two. Next spring I hope to finish up on the desk and closet for a finished and complete project.

Thanks Joe for sharing your project, I look forward to pictures of the completed bunkhouse and will plan to do an update when you are finished. Please keep us posted on your 8 x 22 tiny house on wheels as you design and build it as well.

by Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)






Arizona Kitchen

Arizona Kitchen