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Why The Blog Hasn’t Died

I have been writing for Tiny House Blog for almost 4 years now. Some months have been more off than on but I have contributed for some time nonetheless. I’ve seen audiences swell and shrink. I’ve seen comments at a high and then at a low. All of it has caused me to stop and […]

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Happy Camper Wives Live Full-Time in a T@B Camper

If you think that downsizing into 200 square feet is a challenge, how about squeezing two people and two dogs into an 182 inch camper? After working 50+ hour weeks and commuting more than three hours a day in San Francisco, Jessi and Valerie of Happy Camper Wives had enough and decided to move their […]

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Alternative Homes Today

On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I ran into Ross Lukeman of the blog, Alternative Homes Today and we chatted not only about tiny homes, but about his architecture career and interest in alternative ways of design and construction. His initial interest in tiny homes derived from attending a Tumbleweed workshop with Dee Williams […]

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