Handcrafted Austrian Wohnwagon Cleans Water with Marsh Plants


Experimental from top to bottom, the Austrian Wohnwagon is one of the first tiny houses on wheels to come from the European country. The Wohnwagon (“living wagon” in German) is built from locally sourced Austrian woods and has sheep wool insulation, solar panels, a living roof and even a water circulation system that uses marsh plants to clean and re-use greywater. Continue reading

Tiny House in a Landscape

I discovered your blog a few months ago and have been lurking very consistently since. Like most, I love the Tiny House in a Landscape feature and thought I would pass on these. I was listening to my local classical music station yesterday and the host was talking about how Gustav Mahler’s wife built a “composing house” for her husband so that he could work in peace. I did an internet search and it turns out, he had THREE tiny composing houses, two in Austria (Maiernigg & Steinbach) and one in Italy (Toblach). -Erin Harrington

mahler maiernigg

mahler steinbach

mahler toblach

Roland Fabiani’s Austrian Cabin

I discovered Roland Fabiani when he posted a picture on the Tiny House Blog facebook page. I contacted him and he shared a ton of pictures and blueprints with me. I have attempted to filter down the pictures to show you the build and the detail but I will let Roland tell you in his words his thoughts behind his cabin.

My name is Roland Fabiani, I´m a Italian Architect, born in Switzerland and living in Vienna (Austria).

I decided to build a tiny cabin to use as atelier in the summer. Nestled in a broad sunny basin, the atelier is located in the Italian Alps, near to the Austrian and Slovenian border and is a great place of spiritual regeneration and physical restoration ( eg enjoying long afternoon teas and watching the changing mountainscape). Continue reading