Williams Minimalist Cabin

by Kent Griswold on April 14th, 2008. 12 Comments
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Williams Cabin based in Durango, Colorado and featured in the latest Dwell magazine is one of Stephen Atkinsons minimalist projects.

This is a modern take on the traditional outdoor hideaway and would make a nice tiny house with a modern twist. To view more pictures of Stephens work go to his website at StudioAtkinson.com.

Following are a few pictures and the floor plan.






April 14th, 2008and filed in Stick Built
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12 Responses to “Williams Minimalist Cabin”

  1. Very cool. Reminds me of the weeHouses I blogged in January. I’m especially drawn to the contrast between the ultra-modern exterior and the down-home, pine-board interior. Good find.

  2. Kent says:

    Thanks Allison. I also like the contrast of traditional and modern. I am guilty of liking both and my favorite still is good old fashioned logs.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love all the pictures of small houses you’ve featured. Have you come across any kit homes that are affordable enough to be an alternative to manufactured homes? I’d love to get a big chunk of land and then just have a little cabin (hey, it’s just me and the dogs), but it seems that whenever you find something that’s ten acres or whatever, someone felt the need to build a McMansion on it, so…. gotta build something yourself to get what you want. Hard to find affordable building options though!

  4. Kent says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I don’t know where you are located so not sure these would work but they are about the most affordable neat little cabins I have found. I plan to do a write up on them in the near future. Go to: http://www.shawneestructures.com/camping-home.html

    These are also neat and affordable:

    I’ll let you know if I find any other affordable kit homes, I’m sure there must be a few out there. Good luck in finding that land!


  5. C Thompson says:

    I love the simple lines of this cabin. I hope someone has a great plan they may be willing to share.

    I want to build a small 4 season art studio(one room with a loft) for as little as possible (green?) in the Vermont woods.

    Although I would love to have running water and heat I am looking into afordable alternatives. It is near my house so I could hook into the electricity but the water may have to be the garden hose which means no running water in the winter.

    Has anyone done this successfully, and if so what did you do or what would you do differently? and what was the bottomline costs?

  6. samantha ov says:

    i love it congratilations. necie and simple

  7. Ella says:

    i must say the interior is not my thing. But while i’m a lover of sloping roofs and ceilings, this is quite nice and unassuming.

  8. MARIE-PIERRE says:

    J’aime beaucoup l’architecture de cette maison,design.Quelle plaisir de vivre en pleine nature dans une maison aussi jolie.En France quand on achete un terrain dans la nature il est souvent NON custructible;et meme si on installe une maison elle doit etre MOBILE(donc il faut laisser les roues et les camoufler pour l’esthetique) et interdiction de vivre dedans + de 6 mois!enfin dans les lois!ET pour les maisons en bois souvent c’est dur avec l’assurance!La FRANCE est le pay le plus DUR d’europe pour l’immobilier.PAS DE LIBERTè.

  9. Probably won’t be difficult to replace the tub with a shower. It is very simple yet very elegant.

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