The Pod Camping Hut

The Pod Camping Hut


I was planning on writing a couple of book reviews today but discovered this on materialicious and really liked it and wanted to share it with you. The design is so simple but it looks so cool, it reminds me of a wine barrel or a boat flipped upside down for a tiny living space.

The Pod, what is it? Well it’s a rather well built, insulated wooden hut that provides basic accommodation much in the way of a tent.


The POD is designed to be comfortable – the roofing material is designed to cut down the noise of heavy rain. The window and lockable French doors are double glazed to reduce condensation and provide sound insulation. The wood used in the construction is a naturally ‘warm’ material but to provide extra winter warmth we have installed sheep’s wool insulation inside the walls while a special foil layer under the roof helps keep summer temperatures in check. There is a small, high level window in the back wall this not only provide light but will help keep the living space well ventilated and aid ‘through draft’ on hot summer days.

The Pod is wonderfully enigmatic – it is many things to many people. It has real presence but does not impose. It is a complex shape, but is beautiful in its simplicity. It is a blank canvas which can be a basic shelter or soft-furnished to be as sumptuous and elegant as you like. It seems to occupy a curious niche in our psyche that takes us back to the very roots of civilization on earth.

It is the cave dwelling, the Romany caravan, the meditation cell, the primitive hut that our instincts inform us is the comfort zone that our ancestors knew well!

Built in the UK and available all over the country to rent, at this time you will have to go to the UK to test them out. I’d sure like to see them brought to the states. Visit The POD website to see more pictures and learn more about this great little shelter.




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  1. For years, since having a spiritual moment inspired by the design in a curved roof barn, I pondered how to shrink it down to a micro home size. I think these people have built something that comes really close to it.

  2. Repaeting my comment on tinyhousedesign:

    Not enough windows for me. I would also worry about only having one exit.

    Lovely design and size.

    Just curious: do you know how they make the arches?

  3. The comment about upside-down boats reminded me of an old photograph I once saw of retired fishermen or crimean war era veterans living in old sailing vessels turned upside down on the beaches in the south of England. Doors and windows and stoves etc had been grafted onto the ship hulls. The windows even had window boxes with flowers growing in them!!

  4. Promoting Team spirit among students : One idea is to take students on camping trips this not only will promote team spirit but will also allow students to appreciate and respect nature.

    • Hi Molly, I’ve never seen them for sale but I saw a video on how to build one. Search youtube for it. You’ll probably find more than one.