Teardrop Trailer – Additional Bedroom

by Kent Griswold on August 1st, 2008. 19 Comments
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You’re living in your tiny dream home and than you find out you have company coming. Now where to put them? You could pitch a tent or rent a motel room, or you could make or buy a Teardrop trailer that will hold your guest just fine for a couple of days plus provide you a getaway tiny RV if you get the urge to go to the mountains or the coast.

Teardrop trailers based upon the designs of the 40′s and 50′s, BIG WOODY CAMPERS are built to provide years of enjoyment and a “look” that will turn heads whether it’s towed behind a classic car or modern vehicle.


These sturdy, durable teardrop trailers are lightweight and can be pulled behind any size car. There is no need for electric brakes or extended mirrors. The “cabin” is 4′ x 6′ or longer, and sleeps two people comfortably. A futon mattress fits comfortably, or try a mattress and cover from Knox Foam. The rear “galley” is your “kitchen on wheels” and can be as simple or as elegant as you choose.

There are many Teardrop choices, listed below are a few options:



You might also consider Jay Shafer’s Vardo as an option. Although the Vardo does not have a kitchen, it has storage under the bed that would hold your stove and cooler.


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19 Responses to “Teardrop Trailer – Additional Bedroom”

  1. Teardrop campers are cute. It’s a dryer alternative to pitching a tent in the rain. I’m doubt that you’d need a big gas guzzling car to tow one too. I’m partial to the retro models.

  2. The Teardop Trailer is beautiful. I’m more into the stationary tiny houses than the mobile ones, but this one is irresistible in its style and simplicity. Thanks for showing it.

  3. Christina says:

    I have a teardrop and I love it! It is so comfortable and my little Neon can pull it. A crowd gathers whenever I take it out.

  4. EJ says:

    Looks great, as long as you don’t have bears where you park….

  5. Hi,
    These Teardrop trailers are more attractive.looks very classic and modern.very well designed concentrating on the space and style.

  6. [...] guests who don’t mind the cramped quarters. Tiny House Blog recently had a post on using a teardrop as a guest room. I did run across the blog of Misty Tosh, who is a writer and producer and lives out of her vintage [...]

  7. Kent,

    When it comes to tiny, DIY camping trailers that double as a spare bedroom for your tiny house, you should check out our Explorer Box, http://www.cttct.com/ExplorerBox.htm. At 400 lbs it’s easy towed by most tiny cars also.

  8. kip czock says:

    what about the silver shadow? sorta a cheap retro option by Little Guy…


  9. To add additional living space to your Teardrop Trailer check out the line of 30 Second OzTents, Australian designed and now available in the U.S. Options are available to provide privacy and additional weather protection.

    • Ron Williams says:

      Hi Randy -

      We are interested in seeing some of these up close but as far as we can tell, they are available only in Minnesota?

  10. My husband built one of these a few years ago–it’s very handsome and quite handy! It’s parked in the side yard…

  11. [...] self sustained. i think he's running 32's Roof Top Tents Compact Camping Trailer Ideas Teardrop Trailer – Additional Bedroom anyways good stuff man, i would really like to make one of these for epic trips, who needs the [...]

  12. This an absolutely beautiful teardrop. We’d love to feature it on our website in a guest blog post if you’re interested. -Missouri Teardrop Trailers

  13. Starlight says:

    If you think this trailer is beautiful, check out the teardrops by Camp-Inn in Wisconsin. We are waiting for the delivery of our 560 Raindrop (a teardrop trailer that includes a couch that turns into mini bunks for the kids). http://www.tinycamper.com. There is a forum for folks at http://www.campinnforum.com Great people who stand behind their product.

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  15. maxwell says:

    This teardrop looks very beautiful. I think I’ll discuss this with the family.Thanks for sharing.

  16. Brian Ireland says:

    Hello all teardropers, nice to see the t-trailers going strong as ever , built teardrop trailers for years ,” loved it ” I had to retire from a accident in 2002 I couldn’t do the work , sold my shop and left over parts , I was going to set up a parts store on line and plans then got busy doing other things , the part I like the best was the people I met over the years , teardrop camping is so much fun !! Having fun in life is what it was all about everyday !!

  17. This teardrop looks amazing. If you ask me it is even better holiday option than luxury villa holiday in asia.

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