Sonoma Shanty to Go

by Kent Griswold on June 24th, 2009. 5 Comments
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*** No Longer Available ***

Most of you have been following the development of the Sonoma Shanty plans, workshop and kit. Stephen Marshall of the Little House on the Trailer has taken the Sonoma Shanty one more step and added wheels and a little more space.

The Sonoma Shanty on wheels, is a completed shell on wheels that is designed for the do-it-yourselfer to furnish and complete. Stephen has attempted to make this the most affordable base unit on wheels.


*** No Longer Available *** At $9,000 you get an eight foot by twenty foot home with 160 square feet, it is a nice size area to develop as a home.

Easily design a bathroom and shower in the rear, with a kitchen galley on one side and storage on the other. The main living area would be in the front of the shanty. A loft could be put above the bathroom and kitchen area for additional storage or sleeping.

By using Sing Panels (SIPs) this home is already insulated and ready to complete. All you need to do is add wiring and plumbing and do the finish work and add the appliance and fixtures you want.

You as the designer could complete the interior to your own taste and design as you get an open canvas to work with. A basic home at a very affordable price, one more option for a tiny house.

*** No Longer Available ***





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5 Responses to “Sonoma Shanty to Go”

  1. Tash says:

    Gee I wish their website had information about this option…

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  3. Scott says:

    Too bad it’s no longer available. A shell on a trailer with a roof is perfect for getting started, because that’s the hardest part, as well as the most important when it comes stability and safety wise. Not sure if I trust myself on that part, and I don’t have anyone to help me put the roof up which is definitely a 2-person job! I also like how this design works with the wheel wells maximizing floor space, instead of completely between, then again that might push the siding and roof overhang out over 8’6″…

  4. karen says:

    for the curious, i don’t know about the sonoma house, but the article refers to Sing Panels (SIP). actually, SIP = structural insulated panel, and there is a version manufactured by Sing Honeycomb Products, which you can find here.
    in case the html doesn’t work the url is, or

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