Shire Cottage of New Zealand

John Chapman from New Zealand who gave me the idea for the Tiny House in a Landscape feature sent me this link to another New Zealander who has created this neat little cottage called the Shire Cottage.

Built in “Sunny Nelson” the builder says this little building is great for a garden shed, a play house, or for a sleep over. I could see it with some insulation becoming a great getaway or home office.

Shire Cottage is un-insulated and is not designed to be slept in on a permanent basis, but is better suited to occasional summer sleepovers. Sunny has also designed another building called Accommodation Pod which is a little larger. To learn more visit the Shire Cottage website.

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Niki Raapana, Alaska - January 5, 2010 Reply

This is so cute, I absolutely love it!

Valden - January 5, 2010 Reply

This would make a good temp shelter for the homeless. Better then sleeping in a tent.

Adrienne - January 8, 2010 Reply

Just wanted to point out Sunny Nelson is not the name of the builder (which I don’t know -sorry) but the name of the town where these pods have been built. It has our highest hours of recorded sunshine here in NZ – hence “sunny Nelson”.

    Kent Griswold - January 8, 2010 Reply

    Hi Adrienne – I see my mistake, thanks for pointing it out. I will adjust the text to make the correction. Thanks for the information about all the sunshine in Sunny Nelson.

tim - June 26, 2011 Reply

hmmmm? just a wee bit larger and this would work out as a minicabin for me and the cat.a simple wet head,propane campstove,minifridge,microwave, flatscreen tv,hinged secretary desk, andes type sleeping hammocks,ventfan,screening,foldupdining table and chairs,bookshelf,peghooks,gearnets,led liting,metal mesh rack storage for clothes, shoe/boot rack outside by that wonderfull oval door and a couple of andirondack style porch chairs for visitors.:)

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