Oregon Cottage Company’s New Website


Todd from the Oregon Cottage Company sent me an announcement about his recently redesigned website and asked me to share it with you. It is located at http://oregoncottagecompany.net/

Todd has completed four difference tiny cottages and is working on a fifth. Below are two of them and you can view more on his site.

Todd is also starting a blog to keep you updated on what he is working on and has some great testimonials about his work.

Following are a few pictures of his houses. The top one is called the Ynez and the bottom is named the Alsek.  Go check out his work and if you are in the Northwest be sure and consider Oregon Cottage Company as a potential tiny house builder.

Ynez tiny house

Ynez loft

Ynez interior

Alsek tiny house

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Mopsa - February 20, 2013 Reply

I went to the company’s website and these tiny houses look really great. Loved the beautiful details!

2kids2cats - February 20, 2013 Reply

I love the Oregon Cottage houses. The dormers in the loft and the way the kitchen is set up are really appealing to me.

Paulette - February 20, 2013 Reply

Thanks you for posting this, Kent! I really love this model. The quality of workmanship looks superb and I love the fact that the comforts of a bath and washer are included. The loft looks spacious and the kitchen is so attractive. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Heather - February 20, 2013 Reply

Beautiful!! That loft even looks like you could sit there without bumping your head. Nice!!

Molly - February 21, 2013 Reply

Thanks for posting this Kent! I’ve never heard of them, and after looking at their web site, am very impressed. The loft and kitchen area look great, and it sounds like working with them is a great experience.

Karol - February 23, 2013 Reply

Wow! Great use of space, very lovely.

Christina Nellemann - February 24, 2013 Reply

Todd’s designs have always been some of my favorite. Congrats on the new website.

Michelle - February 24, 2013 Reply

The loft in the Ynez model is the best one I have ever seen! Perfect!

Michelle - March 3, 2013 Reply

I love Tiny Homes but have no clue where people place them. Do you have to buy land or can you park it in a community? If so, where do people start to search for a lot?

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