Poll – Tiny House Placement

I’m curious as to where people have their tiny homes or where they plan to put them once they get them. Do you prefer a foundation or wheels so that you can take it anywhere? Are you a water lover and want to have your tiny house be on a floating platform? Or how about a tree? Please place a vote below and give me an idea what you plan to do.

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Tiny House Placement

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Lindsey - September 6, 2008 Reply

What, no “tree” option?

Kent - September 6, 2008 Reply

Hey Lindsey,

Not sure why I forgot that one, I’ve got a post coming up on some tree houses here in a couple of days. Thanks for the reminder! : )

Michael - September 7, 2008 Reply

Kent, this is very interesting. Combine this with results from my last survey and it’s looking like the majority is looking for something a little bigger than the normal Tumbleweed. Maybe that’s why Jay has those larger designs now. I wonder what size, 300sqft, 600sqft, 900sqft, bigger?

Kent - September 7, 2008 Reply

Michael, maybe that should be my next poll. I know one of my favorite of Jay’s recent portfolio is the Bodega which has 251 square feet or with the additional room, 345 square feet. With a 14×18 foot print plus the additional 7×10 room.

Daniel - September 7, 2008 Reply

Kent, my favorite was one of the old designs that are no longer offered, the Rockport. I did ask about it once and was told that it’s now smaller and a different name now, but I liked the origional more.

Kent - September 8, 2008 Reply

Daniel, I don’t know for sure but you might be able to work it out with Jay to get the old design if you want to build one. I know he was trying to streamline his designs to make it easier from a business standpoint.

Daniel - September 9, 2008 Reply

I’m not in any hurry. I still remember a little about how it was designed. Considering it’s going to be a long time before I have any permanent place. I got time to plan things out.

I like this poll.. it’s good to see what people are planning.

How would you use a tiny house? - Tiny House Design - September 14, 2008 Reply

[…] 40% of people wanted a 400 square foot small house. My friend Kent over at tinyhouseblog.com ran a similar survey asking what kind of foundation people wanted and learned that about 50% of people want a house on a […]

Susan - October 2, 2008 Reply

I love small homes like these but have found that state zoning laws often require a minimum of 1200 square feet for homes to be put/built on vacant lots. Not sure if this is common theme around the country or not.

jackie - October 25, 2008 Reply

hey Kent you seem to know something about tiney houses…need help

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