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Freedom from the Housing Trap with Zack Giffin

Grey Bryan a curator for TEDxCoconutGrove reached out to me as he felt this was a great talk on the benefits of tiny homes. Tiny house builder, Zack Giffin, shares his passion for tiny living as a tool for financial freedom in his talk “Freedom From The Housing Trap.” Zack Giffin is a well known advocate of the tiny house movement and host of the popular television s [...]

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A Big Heart a Big Family and a Tiny House Startup with Marc Frederick

What do you get when you take 7 children, 2 adults, 1 bus, and a tiny-kitchen-on-wheels on a faith-based mission to ease the loneliness of homelessness? A fun and inspiring story about a new tiny house builder, of course. This week, Marc from BIGHEART Tiny House Co, joins us to tell the story of how his family started their somewhat unintentional tiny house journey by hitting t [...]

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How Did Stairs Get A Rung Up On Ladders

I spend a minimum of one day a week working as a mentor and consultant for a local high school as they build a tiny house based on the Elm 20 blueprint. There are two lofts: a sleeping loft and a storage loft. As they started to take shape the question arose among the students, how do we get up there? It's a good question actually. How do you get up there? Do you build some sor [...]

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The Tiniest Adventure Blog

HI! I am Sara.  I decided about a year ago that I was going to build a tiny house and now that dream is becoming a reality.  I am in the process of building a steel frame tiny house and couldn't be more excited!  Never in a million years did I think I would go tiny and so far its been one the best decisions. By going tiny I hope to find more time to invest in people and exp [...]

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ESCAPE’s ONE Uses Handmade Japanese Details for a Simple Tiny House

ESCAPE has always used handmade details in their line of tiny homes. The ONE is no exception, but they have gone a step further to integrate traditional Japanese architecture and negative space to make their 276 square foot house on wheels seem so much larger than it is. The ESCAPE ONE uses Japanese aesthetics for a simple, Zen-like home. The ONE is 25 feet long and has a s [...]

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ESCAPE Tradition Features Popular Tiny House Details and DIY Kit

The ESCAPE models range from contemporary to vintage and now the company has unveiled their Tradition model. This model features the classic details that made us all fall in love with tiny houses in the first place. Not only that, a DIY kit of the Tradition will be available soon. The ESCAPE Tradition has a classic layout with some amazing windows. The Tradition comes in [...]

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Liberation Modern Farmhouse

Here is some information on our new modern farmhouse tiny home! 24' Modern Farmhouse Whitewashed Pine beadboard wall covering Vinyl plank flooring Stained Pine accents IKEA cabinets with 24" farmhouse sink 2 burner electric cook top Storage stairs with 9 cubic ft fridge built in 8'x8' bedroom loft with queen bed Custom sliding barn door between kitchen and bath Cust [...]

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Backyard Unlimited Offers Tiny, Adaptable Amish-Built Structures

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Nathan Martin was familiar to the high quality craftsmanship of his Amish neighbors—something he thought was lacking in his current home of California. In an attempt to create sheds and other small structures similar to what he grew up with, Martin partnered with Amish builders in 2009 and started Backyard Unlimited. Backyard Unlimited builds and [...]

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