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Blackbird Tiny Homes

Blackbird Tiny Homes is based out of the Calgary, Alberta area. Here are three tiny homes we built for Theatre Calgary. They are parked downtown Calgary at Prince Island Park during the summer months and are used for their Shakespeare productions called Shakespeare by the bow. Two of them are 16' in length - one used for sound equipment and the other for merchandise sales [...]

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Celebrate the Eclipse: 5 Best Round Tiny Houses

In honor of today’s total solar eclipse, I thought I would feature some of the most beautiful round homes. Taking a cue from nature, round homes have an appeal to them that is primordial. Trees, rocks, fruit, the earth and that round, fiery ball in the sky have inspired round homes over the years—from the Navaho hogan to Buckminster Fuller’s domes. Each of these tiny hom [...]

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Zyl Vardo’s Damselfly House for Sale

My friend Abel Zyl recently contacted me to let me know he has a new design and tiny house for sale. I'm still trying to figure out how I can come over in person and check it out before he sells it. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about it and show you some great photos he took of this beautiful home. The Damselfly House is Available for Purchase. This house is [...]

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Arthur, A Charming Caboose on Wheels

The Latest Tiny House at Tiny Digs, a Portland HotelFew things have captured America's imagination like the long and romantic history of the railroad and now in modern day, the tiny house on wheels. Tiny Digs' new rental home on wheels, Arthur, is a perfect culmination of these novelties. This caboose style tiny house is decked out to delight railroad enthusiasts of all ages. [...]

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TruForm Tiny Combines Tiny House Aesthetics with RV Designation

TruForm Tiny actually started in 1978. Owner Jon Carroll and his family lived in a handmade tiny house travel trailer while working for the Hoedads Reforestation Cooperative. Now the family-run business designs and builds tiny houses with various floor plans that are RVIA certified. TruForm Tiny is a family run design and build business. TruForm Tiny builds travel trailer [...]

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ESCAPE’s ONE Uses Handmade Japanese Details for a Simple Tiny House

ESCAPE has always used handmade details in their line of tiny homes. The ONE is no exception, but they have gone a step further to integrate traditional Japanese architecture and negative space to make their 276 square foot house on wheels seem so much larger than it is. The ESCAPE ONE uses Japanese aesthetics for a simple, Zen-like home. The ONE is 25 feet long and has a s [...]

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ESCAPE Tradition Features Popular Tiny House Details and DIY Kit

The ESCAPE models range from contemporary to vintage and now the company has unveiled their Tradition model. This model features the classic details that made us all fall in love with tiny houses in the first place. Not only that, a DIY kit of the Tradition will be available soon. The ESCAPE Tradition has a classic layout with some amazing windows. The Tradition comes in [...]

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Liberation Modern Farmhouse

Here is some information on our new modern farmhouse tiny home! 24' Modern Farmhouse Whitewashed Pine beadboard wall covering Vinyl plank flooring Stained Pine accents IKEA cabinets with 24" farmhouse sink 2 burner electric cook top Storage stairs with 9 cubic ft fridge built in 8'x8' bedroom loft with queen bed Custom sliding barn door between kitchen and bath Cust [...]

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