A Tiny House and a Barrel of Monkeys (and other zaniness)

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This week Tiny House Podcast hosts Michelle, Mark and Perry chat with Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti. They live in a tiny house located in a unique situation: on a rescued animal farm. With monkeys, raccoons, peacock, horses, opossum and a menagerie of cats, the show goes off the rails….fast!

You can also follow them on their blog at http://www.heartofitallhouse.com/

Trevor and Mary

Tiny House Jamboree Prepares To Rock Out A Second Time

In a rather nondescript field in Colorado Springs, CO tucked within a valley at the shadow of BASS Pro Shop nearly 40,000 people gathered to witness the first ever Tiny House Jamboree. Billed as “the Sturgis of tiny houses”, the Jamboree became a phenomena in its own rite. For three straight days a surging, growing, group of people ambled around the Mining Museum’s lawn to hear over a dozen notable speakers, tour one or all of several tiny houses, and to share conversation with vendors. Heck! Some even showed up to drink a local brew, eat a barbecue sandwich, and just be in the presence of like minded folk. They came from all 50 states, more than a dozen countries, and every socio-economic demographic imaginable.

2016 Jam

Presented by EcoCabins out of Colorado Springs, the event had been hyped up for months with most expecting somewhere between 2500 and 3500 people. No one expected over 35,000 and certainly no one expected the community that formed just within a weekend. But consider such a success to only be a warmup as Zaruba and his team have announced the 2nd Annual Tiny House Jamboree to be held August 5 – August 7, 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO. No more information has been provided as of yet but there is speculation abounding regarding ticket prices, featured speakers, tiny houses on tour, etc however entrepreneur, businessman, and founder of the Jam, Darin Zaruba adds, “After experiencing the first Tiny House Jamboree with the great community, and meeting all the amazing people in this crazy movement, we couldn’t not do it again. It became like a gigantic family reunion, meet and greet, Woodstock festival, and beer fest all rolled into one – all around tiny living. Several people told me it was a life-changing experience, and I took that responsibility seriously. What’s not to love about all that? Had to be done!” Continue reading

Tiny House Magazine Issue 35

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What do pumpkin pie, oyster stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey have in common?

the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine is available for purchase!

At 81 pages this issue is our biggest yet and includes articles on builders, exercise, podcasts, minimalism, and over-the-road trucking! There is truly something for everyone.

To purchase your copy visit: http://tinyhousemagazine.co/

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Live Simple Site Matches Tiny House Owners with Adventure Seekers

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Do you want to just try out a tiny house for a few nights or meet up with other tiny house enthusiasts? The website, Live Simple, matches up tiny house owners with people who want to try out a small space. The site also features a tiny house community and tiny homes for sale. They run the gamut from THOW to teardrop trailers.


While still in the early stages, the site (like Airbnb for tiny spaces) only features homes under 500 square feet as well as campers and other tiny recreational options. The owner, Brendan Rempel started Live Simple as a fun way to connect with the tiny house community. After graduating from college with a mountain of debt, he quickly learned to live simply and lives primarily out of two duffle bags during his travels as a minor league hockey player. Continue reading

Accessorizing Your Tiny Home

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The right accessories can enhance the comfort and beauty of your dwelling. However, if you find mixing and matching the right odds and ends challenging, your home can look cluttered and out of sorts, especially if you have a tiny home. The following tips and ideas can add style and character to your home without making it look claustrophobic.

Decorate With Mirrors

If you’re a novice when it comes to decorating, you may be wondering how to make a tiny dwelling larger without adding on to its size with a remodel. Mirrors can reflect the sun’s rays and help to illuminate your house naturally. They can also make your rooms feel bigger and more spacious. If your decorating scheme is rustic, you can use golden edged mirrors. If your style is contemporary, steel finished mirrors can complete your room. Place the mirror in the middle of the wall and add wall sconces on each side. You can also hang simple accessories from the mirror such as a floral swag or decorative wreath. Continue reading