The Ski Hut by Jalopy Cabins

Lyle Congdon my friend from Jalopy Cabins sent me an update on their latest cabin which I had covered earlier this year.

Without all the snow and rain here in southwest Colorado, Lyle and Wolf at Jalopy Cabins have finally been able to complete their latest cabin, the “Ski Hut.”

If you missed the earlier post here is Jalopy Cabins mission: In keeping with our mission to use primarily reclaimed, salvaged, or some one else’s mistakes (ie the windows on this cabin) we were able to build this new cabin just the way we wanted.

The logs came off of the ski resort about 30 minutes from where we live and were from all the clean up they did for the slopes before the season began last year. The hand peeled round logs were more work but really worth it in the end.

All roofing was salvaged from an older house along with the rafters. The door was salvaged, repainted and given new life with a working door knob.

The windows were someone’s custom order that they didn’t like so we were able to get these nice new windows for a great deal that is also inline with our goal of having energy efficient cabins.

All new insulation was used in the ceiling and floor to also help with energy efficiency. The ceiling has high density foam and the floor has radiant energy insulation.

To see earlier photos of the cabin in progress, check out our website at

The “Ski Hut” is for sale and we are asking $18,000 and can help arrange delivery and setup on your site.

If you have any questions please email us at info(at)

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Pritch - August 13, 2010 Reply

Nice little cabin. I’d like to see what type of corner notching they used. Also, too bad they put windows on both sides and the back wall. With this size a Murphy bed would be really handy.

alice - August 13, 2010 Reply

There’s always the good old pullout couch. Some of the new ones take up very little floor space, are really comfy and give you a place to sit during the day. If you get the right sized couch it can double as a bench at a dining table and if you’re by yourself you can sleep on it quite comfortably without pulling it out. You can also build your own with storage options and a simple system to convert from single to double.

Elizabeth Goertz - August 15, 2010 Reply

Where is the sleeping loft, the kitchen and the bath?

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