Natural Log Rv’s

Natural Log Rv’s


Natural Log Rv’s are an alternative for our Canadian neighbors who are interested in owning a Tumbleweed or Tortoise Shell Home but can’t afford to have them shipped to Eastern Canada. Built in Ford Bank, New Brunswick, Canada by Ron Hessel, the Natural Log Rv’s are pioneering in the field of Log Rv’s. These units are designed to be used year round, with fully equipped kitchens, cooking facilities, sleeping quarters, full cathedral ceilings exposed hand crafted beam work, wood fire places, power independence and much more…. lr-out-4 Sitting on steel trailers, these units are four season friendly, and require no extra taxes when parked on any property. Imagine a portable unit increasing in value instead of decreasing…  Everything changes when you step into the world of portable log cabins! They have two models to choose from, “The Beak Away” and “The Stay Away.” My favorite is “The Stay Away” which you can see a few pictures of here. I contacted Natural Log Homes and they are very busy building full size homes and lodges at the moment but promised to get back to me in the near future to give me more information on pricing etc. They also make a mobile cabin which would also work if you have a piece of land to park it on. If you are interested in one of these go to the Natural Log Homes web site and contact them for complete details. lr-in-2 lrs-in-stove lr-out-3 If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to our feed


  1. Love them and that they are made here in Canada. To bad they won’t be producing them until 2009. But there is always time.

  2. How much is the stay away unit, or the foldup first green house shown? Is there solar heat, bath? kitchen applianced? W/D? I really like the woood stove and how it was installed NICE. Could it be put on a slab? Looking for self-sustainability. How much does it cost to bring to SC?

  3. Hi everyone.
    Thanks so much for your interest in our log RV’s.
    The photos you see are prototypes we produced a few years ago. Ron Hessel owner of Natural log homes is very busy with full size home construction and has put the log Rv’s on the back burner.
    I am the US contact for these units and have decided to produce these log wall trailers here in the US. Most of the interest I get is from the US. I have moved from NB, Canada to Berkeley, CA and have started a construction company here. I have been sucsessful with NWD Construction Inc. and have started production again on these units. The material used is a western white cedar, sub-species of westrn red cedar. Each unit will is built to order and customized to each customers’ needs. The newest unit is a 20′ foot trailer with a 12′ foot cabin and 3’foot bunk over. This unit is kept under 990lbs so a regular half ton truck can pull with a bumper hitch. The market for this is snowmobilers, bikers and people that want a log rv that is easy to move, handels well at highway speeds and corners well. I am creating new floor plans with customers for the “stay away” trailers. These can be built to a turn-key level or as a shell to be out fitted on site by customer or local contractors.
    I am offering marine grade appliances and systems that are high quality, safe and efficiant. These trailers can be designed and built to be off the grid by using Solar, generators, wind, rain water harvesting, grey & black water systems etc. These trailers are formaldehyde free and are safe & healthy for living. These trailers are also over 10 times more fire resistant than a conventional RV. The structures will last longer that a life time.

    For more info on customizing a log RV for your individual needs, call us @ 510.812.7120 or e-mail @

    • Hi Nat, I sent you an email as I would enjoy doing an update on this product and would like to come see one in Berkeley sometime. Please contact me when you have a chance…Kent

  4. I found Little Great Cabins just 50 miles from Montreal, PQ make a really nice Tiny House. Bought one to use here in Plattsburgh. One does not need to get their tiny house on the west coast for eastern US and Canada. I think you are being inaccurate in your presentation. Look at to see their product. It is really warm in the north with only a 8000 BTU Direct Vent Propane unit I got from Northern Tool.
    It was recommended by them (they installed it for me) for this unit and is great.

    Thanks for listening. I do find your blog interesting.


  5. “If you are interested in one of these go to the Natural Log Homes web site and contact them for complete details.”

    The link takes you to a site to purchase Lunesta insomnia medication! lol.

    Beautiful cabin btw