Fisherman’s Wharf Tiny Floating Home

Fisherman’s Wharf Tiny Floating Home

tiny floating home

On our vacation a couple of weeks ago we stopped in at the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. When we walked into town we walked by Fisherman’s Wharf a historical part of town. While there were many larger floating homes the one that stood out for me was this unique tiny floating home so I took several photos. As usual I was not allowed inside to photograph it but maybe a reader of ours from the area might be able to.

Here is a little more information about Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf: Fisherman’s Wharf is located just around the corner from Victoria’s Inner Harbour or just a 10 minute walk from the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a lively place — the waterfront home of harbour ferries and pirates, of seals and seabirds, of fishing captains, sailors and floating houses. You can learn more of the history by clicking here.

tiny floating home 2

tiny floating home 3


  1. How do these homes cope when it snows? I mean with the water under them? Does the wharf water freeze? Cheers. Love the photo.

    • Luckily we don’t generally have to worry about that here in Victoria. It doesn’t generally snow, maybe once a year and a couple of inches. There was only once in recent history when we had a really big snow fall and that was back in ’96. And it NEVER gets cold enough for the salt water to freeze, heck not even enough for a fresh water take to freeze solid.
      The only things a Float home like this needs to worry about is the change in politics, that may run them out and the high costs of moorage. A float home like this would be paying about $700-800 a month for moorage, on top the purchase prince of the home (probably about $60-80,000)

    • My sister and her husband live in Seattle. There are a lot of floating homes and house boats on the lakes there and no problems with water freezing. Doesn’t really get cold enough, long enough for the salt water to freeze so it’s really not an issue. It does snow up there but only lightly, usually, and it’s gone very soon after. BTW- house boats are different than floating homes. It was explained to me when visiting that a floating home has permanent utilities connections to land and house boats don’t.

  2. It looks so calm and peaceful. Except I can no longer go out on boats and the like, because my new medication seems to have made ma develope motion sickness. If I didn’t need it, I’d live in one of the house boats in a second.

    • If you look closer you will see that the neighbour is the best kind, it is a mannequin.
      No need to worry about party’s!

  3. Lovely Neighbor Indeed
    another reason snow wouldn’t stick long !
    A red head in red.. yikes !
    oh right the float house.. well… little over cute for my taste.. I’d rather be next door !

  4. I own a boat slip in Charleston, SC and would to build a floating home, but the local codes do not allow such a thing. I’m renting the space to boats out until I figure it out! Love the inspiration of these floating homes from around the world!

  5. With houseboats or floating homes, I would really like to know how sewage is taken care of at places where there are no on-land sewage disposal connections.

    • My question too – one hopes there is a sewage pumping service that is part of the reason for the high moorage charges?