Cob Workshop and Class

The Natural Building Network is offering a Cob Workshop this summer at the Mariposa Ecovillage in Amarillo, Texas.

This is a practical hands-on cob workshop designed to give you building skills through first hand experience and practice. Be prepared to get dirty! We will be spending most of each day doing enjoyable but physical work.

This workshop is a 10-day intensive designed to prepare you to build a cob home.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Get hands on experience in each stage of construction so you can go home with the confidence and skills to build your own house.
  • Alternating work and class lecture will cover safety, financing, building siting, planning, permitting, foundations, walls, windows, doors, roofs, plasters, floors, sculptural work, electricity and plumbing.
  • Use a range of cob construction techniques from hand and foot mixing to tractor-cob.
  • Bring your building plans, designs and ideas to discuss with experienced builders with an eye toward framing a do-able project and realistic expectations.

Lodging and meals are available and this is a family friendly workshop. To get the full scoop go the Natural Building Network website.

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