Fixer Upper for Sale

Another Craigslist ad that LB sent me with a little humor. Located in Napa County in California. Enjoy…

Hello there, I just had to send this your way: a CL ad for a fixer-upper Mobile Home that looks to be locked up in a crowd of them, and honestly- I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but the ad
trumpets: “Eat your heart out, Michelle Kaufman!” and on.

That they know MK (Pricey & too big for me, but at least builds in a hopeful clean fashion, one would think…?) at all, and would have this in their advert is just astonishing or weird to death.

$2500 / 2br – 2 Bedrm, 2 Bath Fixer Upper Mobile Home

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Sherri - September 21, 2010 Reply

Hey, I think mobies are overlooked as possible GREAT small homes… the older the better. You can gut them and do whatever you want to them. Around here you can get them for $500 or LESS… there are actually a dozen or more in my park that are $100. Lot rent is cheap. It’s a great resource for people that want their own place, and a chance to SAVE MONEY to build their own tiny house, as well as learning some rehab and handy man work. Mobies are EASY to work on and can give you great experience. There’s not a whole lot you can do to a $500 moby that will wreck it, only improve it. And think how much metal and junk you’ll save from a landfill. We lucked out and have no one on either side of our Moby, and acreage to the back and it’s very private and nice. Actually have 600 sq ft of raised beds and grew over 180 pounds of produce this year! Planted fruit trees and all sorts of fun stuff.

Give Mobies a Chance! (ggg)

The Mobile Home Woman….

    jan - September 3, 2012 Reply

    Have been homeless on and off since i lost home 7 years ago recently because two members of our family our pitbulls. Looking to find someething cheap we can fix up and live in, where is the place you mention located?

JT - September 22, 2010 Reply

I owned and lived in a 16 X 80 foot Mobile Home. Although it served my wife and I well, I’d never own another one. They aren’t built near as good as some of the tini homes I’ve seen on this site, most times you need to put them in a mobile home park and believe me there is a lot of riff-raff ( trailer trash ) who live there. I would be much happier in a tini home with the ability to hook up and move it when I want than to go back to living in a mobile home park.

    Benjamin - September 22, 2010 Reply

    I think you just happened to have a little bad luck. I’m sure there are a lot of different environments and hopefully most folks can find a good park if they work at it.

    Sherri, the poster above, for example, sounds like a good neighbor.

    I live in a nice small (~40 home) park and there isn’t a single case of rif-raff or trailer trash here. The neighbors I’m acquainted with are fine and interesting people who simply choose to spend their income on things other than a big home and property taxes.

      Marsha Cowan - June 27, 2014 Reply

      I agree with you, Benjamin. I have been living in my tiny houses (now a tiny bus) at my son’s home but am looking into moving into a mobile home park in this area. There are two that actually look good and are the homes of good hard working people, so there are good parks out there. It is the management that makes the difference and that keeps the park nice for everyone. If the management seems on top of things, then the park will probably be good.

j gaerlan - September 22, 2010 Reply

We live about an hour East of Fresno close to Kings canyon Natl Park. Currently building a 400 sq ft home on top of a mobile platform trailer. Best source is to contact mobile home haulers. You can usually get them for just the moving cost – maybe a few hundred. Last time I asked, you can get a trailer platform for about $400. These are humongous trailers so they have to be hauled by a big truck with a wide load sign. Cannot be moved by an ordinary pickup.

If you have land, then this is a good base to start from.

LB - September 24, 2010 Reply

Oh darn -Sorry, no disrespect to anyone! Oopsy… My big brother lives happily in an MH & I was clearly looking at Mobile Homes for sale -as much as I agree with JT on the quality and keeping it all even smaller, easily mobile- my situation is just dire enough to not play favorites… my lil sob story.

But the shake your fist thing, maybe it was in jest, at such an accomplished LEED architect was what had me giggling: not Mobies!

Oh *smarts: ‘if I had the land’ to build on: I sure don’t! And most the affordable Mobies are in 55+ parks, can’t they have something like *unless you’re over 40 & half your income goes to medical’? I promise I don’t throw parties either.

Sorry for the confusion, I don’t think there’s any snobs/meanies around here -or at least I haven’t bumped into them!

Adirondack Rentals - September 28, 2010 Reply

Hi, Guys
I also want to have more and more information on this.

    LB - September 29, 2010 Reply

    Oh gee, I don’t know if I agree with that, respectfully. Though I do love and miss those Adirondacks up in New York.

    Even if I bought a MH- which would be me ‘throwing in the towel’ because of my $12,000 a year minimum in medical costs (that’s just the medications alone)- tiny homes are just different than mobile homes.

    It’s like music: there’s Country and then there’s Psychedelic Rock but just cause they’re both music- well, you don’t hear them on the same radio station. And even though I probably listen to more Psychedelic Rock- it doesn’t mean I don’t have quite a few country records. So dreaming of a 200square foot, off-grid, sorta isolated home in the woods or off in the desert somewhere- instead of a mobile home in a park- is no disrespect to folks above in this thread, or more so to me: my big brother!

    Whether I’m reading a blog about a Jay Shafer & his 65square foot house or that particularly joyful guy in Vermont whose name escapes me – making those 10 by 10’s, or my far-out favorite for feeling like an astronaut monk: the 76square foot micro compact house [m -ch] … anyway, I guess my point here is maybe next time I should keep my ill-advised architect jokes to myself (especially when I find her homes to be way too big and deluxe) and then be instantly misunderstood about MH’s in general, probably accidentally hurt someone’s feelings which breaks my darn heart to even think about.

    But this is a blog for Tiny Houses. The fact that I made a Michelle joke that got taken as a Mobilehome joke accidentally may well be my lasting legacy of shame… but even if no one ever comes back this old post (especially if I never stop typing), I have to at least say that I want my beloved tiny house blog to stay on the topic of tiny houses…

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