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Six Things to Ask Yourself Before Going Tiny

Making the decision to downsize our supersized lives and go tiny full time can be a very exciting one. However, many people, couples, and even families are seeing the trend catch on to minimize their impact and their “stuff” but are moving too fast without first considering some pretty major influences on long-term tiny living. […]

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How Tiny Houses Are Helping Curb Homelessness

I read once that home just means you belong to something — that something belongs to you. It is estimated that 553,742 Americans in 2017 in a single night were homeless, belonging to nothing. According to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 35 percent of those homeless individuals were staying in unsheltered areas. In fact, homelessness […]

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3 Tips for Designing Your Own Just Right Tiny Home

A tiny home is like a self-portrait. It showcases the owner’s personality, style, and lifestyle preferences. That’s what we love about our tiny house. Its design is tailored specifically for us. How do you achieve a space that reflects you and maximizes the limited space? There’s no one right way to do it. It starts […]

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