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Train Cars, Rafting and Ziplines in Caboose Village

There is something about the caboose and historic train cars that sparks both nostalgia and wonder with people who love tiny houses (and trains.) So having several of them in one location, a location full of natural beauty, is a dream come true. Caboose Village is a resort located near the Big Rock Candy Mountain […]

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The BIG Tiny House Reading List

Summer is still here. Time for leisure reading time at the pool or in the hammock. Maybe with all this good weather you’re building your dream tiny home and wondering what comes next. Whether you are looking for downsizing tips, lifestyle inspiration, tiny home swoon or building tips, I have a long, rich recommended reading […]

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Hitch Hotel Extreme Tiny Living

I’m always on the lookout for tiny spaces when Hitch Hotel sent me their information on their Kickstarter program, I said: “Wow this is Tiny!” Introducing the Hitch Hotel: The anywhere hotel room. The Hitch Hotel is a comfortable and secure anytime, anywhere hotel room. No more reservations, tents, unwieldy RVs, or DMV restrictions–just drive, […]

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