Yo! Home: Part High Tech Module, Part Lotus Flower


Simon Woodroff, founder of the YOTEL chain of affordable airport and city center hotels has now forayed into the land of tiny module apartments with a twist. The YO! Home is a Japanese inspired apartment with high tech space saving options. Continue reading

Tiny Steampunk House Built by Film Set Designer and Movie Stylist

Having access to leftover movie sets would be like being a kid in a candy store. For Brandon Batchelder, a set designer, and Chloe Barcelou, a stylist — it’s part of their every day lives. Working in the film industry has given them access to various film sets and the materials (and a steamer trunk) inspired their whimsical tiny house on wheels.


The couple periodically move for their work and have lived in various apartments and even a 20×20 shed, but Chloe had the idea for a tiny house made with recycled materials they scrounged during their various jobs. The 300 square foot home, built on a $1,000 trailer from Craigslist, took the couple about a year to build and cost about $10,000. Continue reading

Jenny Carney’s Xanadu Cabin

Ecologist Jenny Carney grew up playing in the woods of rural Wisconsin and is now a Principal and LEED expert at YR&G in Chicago, a sustainability consulting service for organizations and communities. However, her love of nature urged her to return to her roots. Carney purchased six acres of wooded land in Wisconsin near the Mississippi River where she built Xanadu — a simple 150 square foot shelter.


Recently featured in Real Simple Magazine, Carney’s “shed” for living in the woods reflects what she considers a modern angst: nature-deficit disorder. She used the term after reading the book “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” by journalist Richard Louv. The book discusses our contemporary detachment from the natural world and how to remedy it. Continue reading

UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam’s Unusual Sleeping Pods

Unusual ways to go camping seem to be all the rage this summer and UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam may have taken the idea to the most extreme. Not only can you stay inside these unusual structures, but they are also an open-air exhibition open to the public.


The Attic [Arjen Boerstra]

The installation is located in the Centrumeiland, or Centre Island, an artificial peninsula made of layers of sand. It’s an experimental process for the small country anticipating growth along its waterfront areas. Designer Francis Nijenhuis and economist Annette van Driel saw the area as a wasted opportunity and wanted to show the public a unique way of looking at, and utilizing, space. They commissioned various designers to create 14 mobile structures that will eventually be moved elsewhere. Continue reading