Tiny House RV

I wanted to show the Tiny House community a recently finished farm worker housing unit. I have always been very much against living in RV type units. Sharon and I lived in a 26ft firth wheel while we built our recent home part time. It took 5 years. Older RVs weren’t sealed very well, were poorly built, and appliances are less efficient, of poorer quality, as compared to conventional homes.

RV tiny house

As of this date, we have not offered these units to individuals, and in fact, to keep the price down, they have to be built in production runs of 6 units minimum.

My opinion, however, on living in RVs, is changing. Modern RVs are built much better than in the past. We have enclosed some pictures. Walls and floors are actually Structural Insulated Panels, utilizing aluminum tubing, foam insulation, and the one piece fiberglass shell and interior panels are glued and assembled under pressure.

The result is a one piece wall, in this case our side walls are 42 foot long, one piece. The one piece rubberized roof, is guaranteed for 10 years, and is easily replaced. About the same job as replacing shingles.
The finished units are pressurized, like an airplane cabin, and soap checked for any leaks that need additional sealing.


Appliances are regular house units, not smaller RV units. So they are less expensive and more efficient for the most part. The Hot Water Heater is a regular house unit, as is the entrance panel, washer dryer, refrigerator, and TVs :) The toilet is an RV unit, but a ceramic RV unit, the shower is full size.

They are surprisingly roomy inside, 8ft wide x 42 ft long, but the two large slide outs, make the home feel really spacious. And it boasts approximately 400 square feet. And with a target price of $42,000, the cost per square foot is quite a bit lower than the average commercial built Tiny Home.

two walls up

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of quality built into the commercially available tiny homes. But we might be looking at Ferraris and Lamborginis, when most of us really would rather drive a Cadillac. And they are more affordable, and more easily financed!!

Anyway, wanted to run this buy your readership, and see what people think. The Tiny House movement spans a lot of ideas, as this blog has covered over the years. So maybe this is another viable option to consider. I would like to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. Bill Kastrinos, Tortoise Shell Home

Bill in front of house

Bill inside house


living area

floor plan


Bellatazza Coffee Truck

French Coffee Truck

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to touch bases with the Tiny House Blog readers. I have been publishing rather infrequently because of some changes in our lives. Our family has recently moved to Central Oregon from Northern California and this has been a big change and challenge for us. We are just starting to get settled and I hope to regain the daily post schedule in the next couple of weeks.

Currently I am waiting for full time internet access and that will not happen till the first of August. So in the meantime I am dependent on Coffee Shops and my Verizon hub on my iPhone. I am sitting right now at the Sister’s Oregon Coffee shop and working on this post and also trying to complete Issue 19 of the Tiny House Magazine. Away from the distractions of unpacking and getting settled.

French Coffee Truck 2

Last weekend early on Saturday morning I got up to see the Balloons Over Bend morning take off. While there I saw this unique coffee truck which was selling Bellatazza Coffee to the early risers. I talked to the owner and he said the truck was made in France. It is a CITROEN and he says he can still get new parts for it though it is no longer in production.

I thought it would make a great tiny house if converted into one. It worked perfect as a mobile coffee truck but I can imagine living in it and exploring the country. What do you think?

Balloons Over Bend

UK Trailhouse Tiny House

A new company in the UK is bringing its version of the tiny house to the people in the UK. The UK is well know for using sheds as a workspace but have been slower to adapt the tiny house as a true livable option. Here is what Trailhouse has to say:

Inspired by the ‘Tiny House’ movement that has it’s roots in the USA, the Trailhouse is a beautifully styled tiny home mounted on a purpose built galvanized trailer. It now offers UK buyers a truly mobile solution for either extended living space to an existing home or a standalone building for a garden or outside space.

trailhouse exterior

You can get more information at Trailhouse; This particular unit is available from Hudson Garden Rooms starting at £18,500 (US$ 30,976).


workspace and kitchen

view from loft

view from kitchen