Tiny House News

Tiny House News

Tiny House News

I am excited to introduce a new site today called Tiny House News. When I started the Tiny House Blog I was the only one writing about tiny houses in the blog format. In the last few years the internet has come alive with many new blogs about tiny houses and people sharing there stories of building their own tiny houses.

I have wanted to add a feature on the Tiny House Blog that would show off these blogs but have not been able to find anything that did it justice. Recently I discovered a way to create a news type blog that uses the RSS feeds to connect to many of these blogs and I have created a site called Tiny House Newshttp://tinyhousenews.info/

My goal with this new site is to give you one place to get a snapshot of what is happening daily in the tiny house world. You can quickly scan the page and click on a story you are interested in and you will go directly to that blog or news source.

I currently have the most popular blogs on the site but a neat feature with this site is that you can submit your own blogs RSS feed and I will check it out and then approve it. So please go check out the Tiny House News site and let me know what you think about it below. http://tinyhousenews.info/

Be sure and bookmark the site and check on it daily!


  1. Excellent idea Kent! You’ve taken a complex problem (awesome tiny house news all over the place) and boiled it down into a simple solution. Thanks!

  2. I can only repeat what has already been said but wanted to add my personal thanks as well. This will be an excellent resource, as your blog already is.
    You are a tiny house extraordinaire!

  3. I hope that your new blog doesn’t rely on a google reader feed. They announced the shut down of that service soon (July). Heads up!

    Thanks for your awesome sites.

  4. Good Morning Kent, it’s a great idea and I tried to register this morning but there was a glitch in the code and all I got was html code instead of the form. I’ll try again later today. I really like the site!

  5. Once again leading the way! I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed with tiny house news because many times the same stories/photos are used on many sites. This will help a lot, I think, in sorting out originals. Thanks, as always!

  6. Well, this will help get me away from the computer faster in the morning. Maybe. At least it should speed up sorting through the interesting stuff. Thank you for thinking of this.

  7. Great format, love how easy it reads. There’s a lot to be said about style and this one will get a lot more traffic because it feels right.

  8. Kent, I checked it out and love it. Pictures are a bit squashed but great content! What a great idea. Thank you for all your efforts.

    I agree with MJ. I have been seeing same ole stuff over and over again. Maybe this will help us find new information.
    Now if I can just find a tiny house design that will allow me to have my bathtub and favorite couch… I’ll be fine.

  9. Hi, may I respectfully request that you consider adding posting dates on each entry if your format will allow it? That said, thanks a bunch for your efforts and I have bookmarked the site. 🙂

    • Hi Sharon, unfortunately at this time it does not have that option. However, I will look into it and see if it might be possible somehow in the near future. -Kent