Tiny House Listings Now Free

Tiny House Listings Now Free

Photo from Lloyd Kahn's blog

Steven from Tiny House Listings contacted me this morning to let me know about a major change happening at his website and asked me to pass the information on to you. I’ll let Steven give you the announcement.

Everyone likes free, and the tiny house movement is all about saving money, so I decided to make posting your tiny house for sale or rent…FREE!

If you have a tiny house or a small dwelling that could be used as tiny house, whether it sits on wheels, has a foundation, floats in water, flies through the air, or anything else that could be considered a tiny house, it’s now free to post it on Tiny House Listings. Enjoy…

Post your tiny house listing here – http://tinyhouselistings.com/?page=property_submit

Photo from Lloyd Kahn's blog



  1. I love it- Steven, in my email dealings with him in the past, seems like a very good, stand-up, guy too- so def check out his site and what he has going on.


  2. Lloyd Kahn’s picture of the red housetruck looks like it may be in New Zealand? My wife is Kiwi. While visiting she took me to an old friend’s place where several old Kiwi house-trucks and buses live. Lovely old machines.