Open Tiny Houses in Healdsburg, California


Sunday, August 8th
4pm Until Dark

Near Downtown Healdsburg
Tucker Street between First & Second Streets


Join Us!


.Tiny House For Sale.

4 Comments Open Tiny Houses in Healdsburg, California

  1. Kent Griswold

    This was a fantastic open house, I met lots of cool people and one lady came all the way from Ottawa, Canada. A report coming soon to the THB.

  2. Jade

    Hi- I live in San Francisco and am really interested in the tiny house movement and becoming a part of it!

    Before buying (or building), I would really like to get a feel and see what the inside of these tiny houses look and feel like first hand.

    Is there going to be another open house anytime soon? Or any tiny houses close to San Francisco area I could look at?


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