Malissa Tack’s Perfect Retreat

Malissa Tack’s Perfect Retreat

tiny kitchen

* I have added a photo of the outside of Malissa’s house

I have been wanting to cover Malissa’s tiny house story for a while now and have had her on my list to contact. However, Apartment Therapy has invited Malissa to participate in their Small Cool Contest and I wanted to get the word out to you before it was to late to vote. I hope to still get Malissa to tell us her story, but in the mean time here are a couple of her thoughts about the house: “It’s cozy and comfortable, a great space to do my creative art, while also serving as my perfect retreat.”

tiny kitchen

Photos Credits Christopher Tack/Apartment Therapy

Biggest Challenge: “One of the most challenging part of living in a small space with two people and two cats was finding your own place. My house is only 170 square feet, and in a space that small, it’s important that you feel you can go to your own place and do your own thing.”

Malissa designed their house and I have attached a few pictures and the floor plan. Please go vote Here. You must sign up to vote, but it is real easy. All votes must be in by April 30th.

floor plan

tiny house loft and living area

view of living area from loft

tiny bathroom and shower

photo of outside of house


  1. I have a 4x2x2 stock tank made of a heavy plastic with a drain that would be a perfect tub; I got at a farm & livestock store I want a tiny house to put it in. You got to start some where right? I like your set up best of all I’ve seen.