Joseph Sandy 350 Square Foot House Plans

Joseph Sandy 350 Square Foot House Plans


Joseph Sandy who lives just 45 minutes away from me let me know that he has just put up Free plans for his 350 square foot house. Here is what he says about it:

The Plan Set for the 350 sq. ft. Usonian inspired house is finished, and available for you to download. The project page is here.

The plan set is simple but should give you all of the information that you would need. It was produced using SketchUp. Next time I will move over to Revit as to produce a more complete plan set.

A small house inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian houses. The basic L shaped house makes the best of its small space. The layout is open while still providing plenty of space for the kitchen, full bathroom, closet, and desk. Go here to download the file.


  1. I really like the lay of this house. It looks like it could be built with shipping containers. Looks very accomodating.

  2. I love it! The plans are workable too!

    Any chance of getting the pictures that are in the flash item on the site? It’d be a nice addendum to the plans.

  3. I am building a “basement” small house located in the Berkeley Hills where houses slope down gentle hill leaving the bottom story unfinished…..350 sq ft or so….taking pic and will share here later….drainage is a challenge as is head room (need 7 ft for bath). These plans (thanks for sharing) are good to help me think of sizes for sm bath, tiny litchen and how to use space.

    I have also gotten approved a site for tiny “inlaw” house behind the existing house but fees and permits are expensive so I am building out the “basement” house first. Design is challenging since have to build in the foot print and under the existing house.

    Basement building is much less expensive than stick-building a free-standing house, tiny or not. I believe in in-fill on existing lots with tiny houses for “inlaws” and friends….a great use of land and existing property.

  4. So how can I contribute to the blog with ideas? I am not so good at this contribution stuff….but have some good rehab stuff going on.