Free Green Who’s Next Competition – Vote Now!

Free Green Who’s Next Competition – Vote Now!


My friend and fellow tiny house blogger Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design has entered one of his designs in the Free Green Who’s Next Competition. Check out his design and join me and vote for Michael’s if you like it. Here is what Michael has to say about the contest and his design.

The public voting has begun. Take look at the 400+ submissions and vote for the house designs you like best. No house in the competition is larger than 1,800 square feet (not tiny) but I didn’t see any other entries that include the designs for 4 individual tiny houses.

Cast you vote for the Tiny House Cluster here.

4 Tiny Houses in 1 Set of Plans – My submission is essentially 4 tiny houses arranged around a central courtyard. If my plan wins the competition will develop the design into a complete set of plans. The public voting is just the first step but it will get us closer to having help develop this concept. Thanks for voting!


  1. Actually I live in a place similar in concept. It’s not a tiny house, but at 499 sq. feet it’s not huge either. There are 5 of these houses (called casitas here in Tucson) arranged around a central courtyard. I think it fosters a great sense of community. Our landlord has the courtyard landscaped but something like that could potentially be used a small produce garden.