Ella’s Little Yellow Open House

Ella’s Little Yellow Open House

Ella's Open House

* If you are not able to go to the open house check out the video I just posted below of Ella giving a tour of her tiny house.

Ella Jenkins just contacted me and let me know about her upcoming “Little Yellow Open Houses” that she is making available as she moves to Northern California. They will be held this Monday and Tuesday and although this is short notice she wanted to give you a chance to see her home and meet her. Here are the details:

Monday, October 8:
From 10:00 to 12:00 in Frazier Park, CA across from Coffee Cantina.
Address: 3011 Mount Pinos Way 93225

From 4:00 to 6:00 in San Luis Obispo, CA Trader Joe’s parking lot.
Address: 3977 S Higuera St

Tuesday, October 9
1-2:30 in Santa Cruz, CA Home Depot parking lot (Soquel)
Address: 2600 41st Ave 95073



  1. That’s awesome. My wife and I are thinking of moving to Frazier Park to live in a tiny house. Is that where you’ve been living, or are you just passing through?

    • Hi Neal! My parents live in Frazier, so that’s where Little Yellow got built and lived in until Monday morning! It’s pretty far from most things, but it’s so beautiful up there. I love it 🙂

  2. Can you give links to her twitter/fb/site? Want to keep track, make sure all goes well. Also, where will she end up? Santa Cruz? Further north?

  3. I am really excited that so many people are moving into these in California so that I can get a good look at them. I am thinking this will not happen in LA so when the time comes for graduation (pending UCLA Grad, of course) I am thinking either N. Cal or out of state…As much as the Pac Northwest grabbed my attention, moving closer to home and owning my home may be a kick to consider…

  4. Where did you find the bathtub? It’s very cool. Is it adapted to drain, or do you carry it out to empty? Anyway, I love this little house. Would love to try living this way.

    Thanks, and take care

      • Hi Ella,
        I’m a filmmaker from Sweden who presently is working on making a documentary about off-grid living and downscaling in architecture. I wonder if you’d be willing to talk over the phone or skype regarding an eventual interview with you?
        Best regards
        Skype: jesper.wachtmeister

        . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
        Jesper Wachtmeister
        Director / Producer
        Solaris Filmproduktion
        Långa Raden 5
        17893 Drottningholm
        Cell: +46 (0)70 747 23 53

  5. Us folk who live in Nor Cal do not consider SF to be “North coast”. Sonoma is our Mason Dixon line. So I guess I have to go south to see this wonderful, cute, lil art house. Ella come north to Arcata!

  6. I think this design is a great use of space – especially the open feel of the bathroom – and puts a lot of good ideas to work. The tub looks like an older style livestock water trough, but a similar one could be had at about any farm, feed, or ranch supply, and many now come with built-in drains.

  7. Ella,

    You Rock!!! I also play harp (cross strung) and I worried about having space for it in the house. You show it can be done. The portable stove opening counter space and the horse trough both are ideas I’d been thinking of. If you are doing it, maybe I’m not so far out. I am beyond joyed to see what you have done. Congratulations and how absolutely wonderful.


  8. Got to meet Ella in Santa Cruz. Was a great experience and a great day. Props to Jen for driving her up! Good luck to her as well!

  9. I love this, and would love to live in one of these. What I can’t get past is the need to be on someone else’s property using their water, electric and sewer hook up though. It really defeats the purpose of living alone and actually downsizing. So, while i love the tumbleweed style homes, I really get irked at how all of these people building them are parasitic in living on someone else’s land and using their resources.