Deek and Peter on NPR Radio

Jon Kalish from NPR Radio contacted me a couple of months ago looking for people on the east coast involved in the tiny house movement. I gave him Peter King’s and Derek (Deek) Diedricksen’s contact information and he set up interviews with them.

This morning on NPR Radio the interviews went live. You can view a web version of the broadcast Do-It-Yourself Downsize: How To Build A Tiny House on the NPR Site. Thanks Jon for sharing the Tiny House Movement with your radio audience. Thank you Deek from RelaxShax and Peter from Vermont Tiny Houses for your creative ideas and making the Tiny House Movement come alive for those not familiar with it.

Photo of Peter King by Kirk Kardashian. Photo of Derek Diedricksen by Bruce Bettis.

2 Comments Deek and Peter on NPR Radio

  1. JP

    hey, as long as Mr. Kalish is not from India, I am likely related to him. My grandfather’s brother dropped the ek at the end of the name, and a few later arriving relatives did the same.

  2. Deek

    thanks kent!

    20,000+ additional views of “The Hickshaw” Tiny Yellow House Youtube-tv Episode, from that NPR feature…




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