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During the night of the U.S. presidential election, over 200,000 users crashed Canada’s immigration website in their panic to get out of the country. No matter what your thoughts are on the result of the election, there are a lot more places to escape to than Canada. If you are serious about looking for a new home or you just want to have some fun, The Earth Awaits will give you the important information you need.

The Earth Awaits lets you choose places around the world based on your budget.

The Frugal Vagabond is a blogger who writes about how to travel and live around the world on the cheap. He wants The Earth Awaits to show the cost of living—along with other information—of various places around the world. The site takes into consideration your preferred location, lifestyle, family size, and quality of life.

You can filter by pollution, health care and even crime rates.

You can also search for crime rates, freedom, racial discrimination, health care quality, average temperatures, download speeds, and primary languages. All areas (except Antarctica) are included: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Locations are detailed with an average monthly cost and quality of life information.

For example, I put the following into the site:

  • monthly budget of $2,000
  • family of two
  • one-bedroom outside of a city
  • modest lifestyle
  • low crime rate
  • low pollution
  • average health care

For my results, I can choose from 50 places all over the world including Corfu in Greece, Riga in Latvia and Mangalore in India. Canada was also included with Quebec City coming in with an $1,872 average monthly cost. Each location has additional details like the cost of electricity and basic grocery items (a dozen eggs in Romania runs about $1.54).

Who knows? You might find a tiny house in the middle of Sibiu, Romania.

If you love to travel and check out different locations (maybe with your tiny house or camper), The Earth Awaits is an interesting way to see how you can possibly live like a local—or just escape until the next presidential race.

Photos by The Earth Awaits

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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