Instructables Vardo

For anyone dreaming of their own vardo wagon to sleep in or rent out, this sweet, little red wagon was built by J.M. Labrosse and featured by Instructables. J.M.’s step-by-step guide breaks this project down into manageable parts and a PDF of the project can be downloaded from the Instructables website.

The insulated vardo features a classic shape with a Dutch door, stained glass windows, decorative trim and an unusually shaped deck. It contains a full bed with storage underneath, bench seating, a heater and a fan as well as 110 power and plugs. The 4×8 foot vardo was built on a 48×96 inch Harbor Freight trailer with a 1,720 lb load capacity. The trailer weighs under 1,200 lbs and was framed with both 2×4 inch and 2×2 inch boards.


The wagon is currently available as an Airbnb rental in Seattle, Washington along with an additional vardo J.M. built.


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Photos by J.M. Labrosse


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

8 thoughts on “Instructables Vardo”

  1. I have built several Vardo’s myself. This design worries me. Yes it is very cool and similar looking to mine. BUT the construction techniques worry me. It is built like a house is built. Houses are not designed to travel down the road at 65 mph.
    Like I said I have built several Vardo’s and I would not tow this down the road over and over again.
    With that said it is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Outstanding! Thank you for the inspiration. My chocolate lab and I fish late season on NE MN lakes and tucking this jewel into the pines as a base camp for our canoe ventures just seems right. It will be a welcome place to paddle home to with the fall colors and cool night air around us. Downloading the instructables now. Gus


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