Is This the Tiniest Truck Camper Ever?

I recently attended the Adventure Van Expo in Lake Tahoe. This event features a wide range of converted companies, builders, suppliers, and product developers for anything for the van or overland life.

The Adventure Van Expo travels around the U.S.

Adventure Van Expo

While it was great to see all the beautiful, lux, tricked-out vans, and truck campers there was one tiny little option in the corner of the event that really caught my eye. What looked like a mix between a milk carton and a Mars Rover was a tiny popup truck camper that fits on top of a flatbed truck.

The Gullwing Flatbed Pop-up camper is offered by Optimized Overlanding.

Photos by Optimized Overlanding

The Gullwing Flatbed Pop-up camper is offered by Optimized Overlanding and comes in at only 756 lb. It’s a camper designed to be used by one or two people and is completely optimized for space. Within its tiny footprint is a full bed (with room for a queen), kitchen, storage, and electrical. It even has a propane heated shower. [Watch the video tour]

The camper weighs in at only 756 lb.

The kitchen fits a stove, pullout fridge, sink, and lots of storage.

The idea behind the camper is that is needed to be simple, functional, and off-grid capable for at least 10 days with the option to be modified for different purposes, including able to handle all four seasons.

When popped up, the roof features a full sized bed.

Included with each trailer is a 200 watt solar system., MPPT charge controller, 2,000 watt inverter, and two 110 outlets and two USB outlets. The side-mounted and fold down kitchen features a four burner stove, sink with faucet, 18 gallon water tank, 50 liter fridge, and shelving for customized storage.

The camper even has a 5-gallon hot shower.

The interior also features underbed storage drawers, a 20 gallon propane tank, five-gallon hot water shower connected to the back door, two fans, ladder with handrails, a roof rack and four jacks for removal from the flatbed.

Currently the camper costs $25,000 fully equipped. You will just need to add in your choice of battery.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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