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Mini House ONE+

Described as a lego set for adults, the Mini House ONE+ was designed and built by the Swedish company Add a Room. The ONE+ houses are designed to start out as a basic 15 square meter (approximately 161 square feet) module which can be added on to as needed in many different configurations. Add a Room will design the ONE+ to an individual’s needs, build it within a controlled, covered environment and deliver it to your site.

This concept is based on a cooperation between Denmark and Sweden and choosing high quality materials from both countries. The system includes decks and deck covers as well as an indoor or outdoor kitchen, a mini bathroom, beds, wardrobes, full insulation, plumbing and electrical fittings.

The ONE+ is built with sustainable Scandinavian materials that require minimal maintenance. The thin outer panel is made from Superwood, which is a Danish invention where Swedish wood is impregnated into the kernel while being environmentally friendly. The modules are fully insulated with energy efficient windows and sliding doors from Velfac for low heating costs.

The cost for the basic unit with a deck and deck cover is about 250,000 Swedish kroner or $36,500. The basic unit with a deck, deck cover and kitchen costs about 350,000 Swedish kroner or about $51,000. Additions and transportation cost extra. The idea behind the ONE+ is to not consume more than you need at the moment, but to grow your home slowly.


At this time, the ONE+ is not being exported to the U.S. However, Susanne Aarup of Add a Room said that they will soon have a version that can be broken down, ordered from Sweden and exported to the U.S. The house will be built to Scandinavian standards so it is up to the buyer to make sure their ONE+ meets building standards in their area.

Photos courtesy of Add a Room.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Rese - December 27, 2010 Reply

(15 sq meters is approx. 160 sq. feet.)

I really like this and love the idea of modules. I would like to design something similar that my husband and I could build ourselves.


modular house - January 21, 2011 Reply

There are many styles and uses for modular and manufactured homes. Many think they can just be a seasonal cabin, but that is far from the truth.

Mini House (or Office) ONE+ - February 17, 2012 Reply

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