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Camping with the Omnia Oven & Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

One of the camping tools I get asked about the most is not our cute Burro fiberglass camper, but our cute red Omnia oven. (also available at Amazon -affiliate link) Along with our trusty cast iron skillet, this lightweight oven is one of our most useful kitchen tools for living on the road.

Traveling light with a fiberglass trailer and even lighter appliances.

The Omnia was created in Sweden to be used primarily for summer cottages and sailboats. However it has quickly been snapped up for use in campers and vans that don’t have traditional ovens.

Our Omnia oven comes along to the forest for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

We make both homemade dishes and heat up pre-made meals such as egg rolls…

This portable stovetop oven comes in three separate sections. The main pan holds the food being cooked. It rests on a base with a hole that is the only part in direct contact with the live flame. The heat comes up through the hole and circulates around the food to cook it evenly. The specialized lid completely covers the pan and creates the vacuum that holds in the heat similar to an oven.

…and cheese tamales.

The little oven can be used to bake or heat up anything that goes in a regular oven. This includes quiches and other egg dishes, bread and buns, lasagna, and even small meats such as chicken wings.

Because we like to keep our camping meals simple and our cleanup easy, we have mostly been using the oven to heat up pre-made foods such as tamales and egg rolls from Trader Joe’s. I have also made homemade calzone and brownies in the Omnia.

On a cold day, our trailer’s indoor stove cooks up cinnamon rolls.

For a recent (early) holiday breakfast, I decided to make homemade cinnamon rolls following the recipe by DrakeParagon. Drake has lived on sailboats for over 26 years and uses the Omnia oven in his Westsail 42 kitchen. Drake’s recipe takes a few hours since the cinnamon rolls need to rise twice. However, you can also make good ol’ pre-made rolls from Pillsbury in the Omnia.

On a low heat, the rolls only take about 20 minutes.

When baking these rolls in the Omnia, keep two things in mind: don’t lift the lid to peek at your buns too many times or you’ll lose all the heat; and once you start to smell cinnamon, turn off the heat or your buns will burn on the bottom.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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