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Tramp, gypsy, vagabond, nomad. Do you want any of these words to describe you? Robert Wells has lived most of his life as a gypsy, vagabond and nomad in various forms of vans and RVs, and documents the tips and tricks he has learned over the years on his website Cheap RV Living. He offers some fun information from people who have taken the plunge and have become full-time nomads on the cheap.

His little “How-To Guide” focuses on how to live a cheaper, lighter existence while still being independent. He discusses van conversions, boondocking, workamping, financial freedom, traveling with pets and children, safety and cleanliness issues, how to choose a vehicle, overcoming your fears, living on a boat, homesteading and working while on the road. He also shows how living a life on a $500 to $1,000 a month budget is possible.

Some of his fellow nomads discuss how they took the leap:

On a fateful day in 2006, I was struck by an idea so powerful that I stood up from my desk, walked to the personnel department and resigned. I would sell my house, the extra cars, all that important “stuff” and live on a boat with my family, and travel the seas as a free man.

Captain Keith of the Kismet

After 22 years of working at the Post Office, I was tired of not being happy with my job or my life and knew I had to do something. I remembered those happy days traveling in the travel trailer and was sure I could be happy again. I already owned my 1983 VW Westphalia, so it was the obvious choice when I decided to downsize. I wasn’t sure exactly how I would do it, or how long I could stand living in a van, but I knew it had to be better than the life I was living. I am delighted to say it has been 2 years now and I have no desire to go back to a more conventional life.

Barb Cotton

Photos courtesy of Cheap RV Living

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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alfred - December 6, 2010 Reply

nice post and interesting site

Two real values here (besides the good information):

1) some of the ways Mr. Wells has solved problems apply to tiny as houses (not to mention other areas of life) as well.

2) the entire approach, whether you wish to emulate it or not (or for that matter, even if you approve of it or not) really makes you think about your own life, the choices you have made and the solutions which you believe are possible.

Kevin microhomesteadblog - December 6, 2010 Reply

This is a great site I have been following for a long time great info and out of the box thinking.

Bounge - December 6, 2010 Reply

I wish my wife would come around to the fact that this is how we need to live. I guess having a 7 month old baby does hinder certain plans.

Would love to see how tiny house readers get along with small children. So far it seems more a lifestyle for young/older couples and independent singles.

Perhaps an article for the future?

    Me Yu - June 6, 2015 Reply

    My wife, my daughter, my two cats and I lived in our GMC 3500 flat-top van for 6 months….

    I’m in my 40’s, my wife is in her mid-30’s and my daughter is a rambunctious 5 year old….the cats, well…..they’re senior citizens….

    We lived very comfortably. In Canada.

    In the winter.

    No issues (well, besides the fact that my forehead kept finding the edge of the table when I got up in the morning!!!).

Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural - December 7, 2010 Reply

I like your website. I’ve also parked on neighborhood streets. It’s easy to blend in on streets with lots of parked cars. I didn’t notice this on your list under Where To Park, but maybe you have a reason for not including it. The reason I like it is because it’s not private property and I’ve never had any problems. I do recommend not parking in city parks because of the curfew you may get questioned by the local police. Well, I got a lot more reading to do on your website. Take care.

Patti - March 1, 2011 Reply

I love the tiny house concept (and this blog), but I still have several obstacles to overcome: location-dependent “steady” income (that would pay for my tiny house or motorhome), no land of my own, and putting a house on a family or friends land (if I had either) is not self-sufficient IMHO…and it’s still being stuck in one place, which is fine if that’s where you want to be. Downsizing I’m doing well on, but I still have too much furniture and in this economy no one’s buying, and I can’t afford to give it away

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