Armadillo Trailer: 13-Foot Stylish Camping Option

The small trailer market is getting more diverse every year. One of the newest designs to become available is the stylish and super light Armadillo trailer. Built in British Columbia, the 1,600 lb. trailer follows in the footsteps of the Boler and Trillium trailer, with a box steel frame and two-piece fiberglass shell.

The Armadillo trailer is built from the same fiberglass forms used for the Trillium.


Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing is run by Mike and Jason Jong and each have been in the RV repair and manufacturing business for over 45 years. They have been building the popular fiberglass Trillium, Boler and L’il Bigfoot trailers for years and wanted to bring a new lightweight trailer to the market.

The interior features a dinette/bed combo and stylish details.


The 13 foot long Armadillo is designed to be like a boat in that all water must stay out. As a result, the trailer starts out with a strong box steel frame and covered with fiberglass manufactured by Poly-Tek Development Corp. This allows for insulation suitable for both winter and summer camping. The molds are made with the same molds that produce the other popular Canadian-based trailers.

Each Armadillo floor plan includes a kitchen and wardrobe.


The interior is what makes the Armadillo stand out. The stylish cabinetry is curved and has no sharp edges, and in addition, are designed to maintain as much headroom as possible. The interior also includes washable vinyl wall paneling, fire rated fabrics and 4 inch high density foam cushions.

Customers may custom design some parts of the Armadillo.


For comfortable camping the trailer has a two-burner stove run with two 20 lb. propane tanks, a three-way Dometic fridge, a furnace, six gallon water heater, stainless steel sink with lid and a Shurflo water pump. The trailer also has a Clarion Bluetooth stereo and two speakers.

An optional “basement” storage area is also available.


The Armadillo is offered with three floor plans including a bunk model, a table-for-two model and a model that includes a front bench. All floor plans include a dining table that converts to a bed and a wardrobe. Furthermore, the company plans on unveiling other floor plans soon.

The base package of the Armadillo is $19,500 USD. A comfort package is available for $22,700.

Several floor plans are available and more are on the way.


Photos by Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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    • Check out our 10ft custom camper “Grace”. We designed and built it with a bathroom (shower can be added) and AC. Call for more details. 217-273-6216 ~Lisa~

        • Danielle,

          I gotta wonder about “Lisa”‘s motives. Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing is located in Canada (BC), but the phone number seen here is a cell phone emanating from Mattoon, Illinois.
          Seems if she were a rep for the company, it would at least be a Canadian phone number….of course, she could be a dealer…but how come there is no “Grace” model shown at the Armadillo website?
          Could be the competition rearing their ugly head in.

  1. Hello. I am wondering if you make small trailer that is just under 7 feet external height.
    I am from B.C. Are there any dealers in B.C. And what is the CDN price.
    Alayne MATZNER


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