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The Trulli of Apulia

Stone buildings in hot climates have always made the most sense. Stone is not only readily available in most landscapes, but the thick walls maintain both thermal mass and keep the interior cool. What better way to keep your Italian wine in perfect condition?

Trulli are dome-shaped homes in the Italian region of Apulia.

That was the original intension of the trullo, or trulli for the plural version. The trulli were constructed by Italian stonemasons in the 19th century during the beginning of the region’s winemaking industry. They were primarily built in the Apulia (Puglia) region which is the “heel” of boot-shaped Italy.

The stone buildings were rural, but established like small villages.

Photo by Samueles

The trulli domes were constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses for wine or for permanent dwellings for landowners or agricultural workers. Rather than placed individually, the trulli were built in clusters of a dozen or so that support each other physically. The roofs are conical and constructed in two skins: an inner skin of limestone tapered stone that form an arch and an outer skin of limestone slabs. Pinnacles with designs that represent the stonemason are then attached to the top of the roof. Pinnacles can be in the shapes of circles, disks, cones, balls or other shapes.

Trulli interiors are usually one room with sleeping alcoves.

Photos by Trulli Holiday

The exteriors are washed in white (to keep them cooler) and decorated with Christian symbols such as a cross or marks that represent certain revered saints. The interiors usually contain one room under the roof with sleeping or other living areas in arched alcoves. The alcoves are then separated by curtains. Traditional trulli contain open fireplaces with stone chimneys, but they were notoriously inefficient and the trulli were difficult to keep warm during the winter.

Trulli are available for overnight stays on HomeAway and Trulli Holiday.

Photo by cy125it

Because they are built from stone, hundreds of trulli are still standing and are available for unique overnight stays. Trulli Holiday in the town of Alberobello has several trulli available. One trullo features an outside area with a hammock and a Jacuzzi. IHA Holiday Ads has trulli for rent as well as HomeAway and Airbnb.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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