Staying Cool With The ClimateRight DIY Ductless Mini Split AC

I’m not typically one to write about a product or stump for any particular entity. Granted, I literally wrote the book on making a brand of yourself in the tiny house market, I advocate for shameless self-promotion over any sort of product endorsement. Sometimes though a company and/or a product comes along that you feel really deserves not only your attention but the attention of others. I believe that product has been introduced and I want to share it with whomever is not looking forward to an uncomfortably warm summer brought about by El Niño, La Niña, or whatever other extreme jet streams are crossing our nation next! The product is the ClimateRight DIY Ductless Mini Split AC (CR12000SACH) and to my opinion it is a cost effective, practical and energy efficient to heat and cool your 100 to 550 sq.ft. space.

Now you may remember the name ClimateRight because back in 2012 the Tiny r(E)volution team installed a ClimateRight CR-7000 Heating and Air System in our 240 sq.ft. tiny house on wheels.

CR Video-Tiny rEv

That CR-7000 Indoor/Outdoor Portable AC and Heater was an awesome addition to our tiny house and succeeded in keeping us cool in the dry heat of eastern North Carolina. While that unit is now outdated it has been somewhat replaced by the ClimateRight CR10000ACH, which sits outside of the enclosed space and is ducted in with two (2) 5” diameter houses, couplers and a quick connect snap and lock system. It gives me a bit of AC envy just looking at it online. And I might add that the 2016 CRTHERMO is compatible with the unit and sense the temperature inside the space as well as controls the unit from inside which effectively means no more having to peak outside to fix the temperature! Yes, the struggle was real!

When my initial heating and cooling unit arrived it was of solid construction with easy-to-follow instructions for set up and use. The same is absolutely true of the ClimateRight Ductless Mini Split. It comes packaged efficiently with just 3 parts:

  • Evaporator (indoor unit)
  • Condenser (outdoor unit)
  • Remote Control


With sales of ductless mini split air conditioning and heating systems increasing in the United States by 14% to 18% per year and the inclusion of this type unit in a number of tiny houses (due to energy consumption and space requirements) the ClimateRight mini split is more than an obvious choice. But consider – as I did – that the unit runs as needed between 4,000 and 12,000 BTUs using inverter technology (the method used to control the speed of the compressor motor to drive variable refrigerant flow in an AC system to regulate the conditioned-space temperature). This particular split air conditioner and heat pump (which I am only days away from adding to my own space) is well suited for most rooms from 100 to 550 sq.ft. (up to 4,000 cubic feet maximum) provided there is adequate insulation.  Did I mention the unit is eerily quiet (42 decibels inside and 53 outside) and requires only a Philips head screwdriver (or drill with bit) and a 2-3/4″ hole saw? Oh, and did I mention that once you uncoil the refrigerant line and drain line, slide it through your new hole, and connect them through the condenser unit, all you have left to do is plug the refrigerant line in, secure the lines, plug in the outdoor unit to a 115V outdoor rated plug, and turn the unit on!

Plug It In

But don’t just take my word for it take a look at the installation video. You can also download the Owner’s Manual online.

For three years now I have been advocating ClimateRight products for your tiny house, man cave, garage conversion, treehouse….heck, I even retrofitted our old pop-up camper with a ClimateRight system. I encourage you to check out this revolutionary company and revolutionary product. The ClimateRight DIY Ductless Mini Split AC really is an easy to install and easy to use solution to those less than comfortable summer nights. (Oh, and be on the lookout for my video on installing my own system….)

By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]


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