Seashell Cabin at Seaside Farm

Fans of the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier on the Discovery channel, will be happy to know that a tiny cabin is available for rent on the Seaside Farm near Homer, Alaska which is owned by Mossy Kilcher—sister of Atz Kilcher and aunt to the musician, singer and songwriter Jewel. While there are other cabins for rent on the working homestead and farm, the Seashell Cabin stands out for its simplicity and amazing views of Kachemak Bay.



The cabin is located on 40 acres that include horses, cows, chickens and geese, rabbits and berry patches. Several cabins, including a historic farmhouse, a bunkhouse, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower, and a camping meadow are available on the farm. The property is adjacent to a private beach. Cabins like the Seashell rent for $55 a night and camping is $10 a night. The cabin does not have indoor plumbing and guests utilize an outhouse.

The original Kilcher homestead is now a museum.

The Kilcher family came from Switzerland to Alaska in the 1940s to escape Nazi Germany and lived a subsistence lifestyle on the peninsula while farming, raising cattle, hunting moose and bear and catching salmon. The patriarch, Yule Kilcher, became one of the 55 delegates to help write the constitution for the new state of Alaska in 1955. The popular show on Discovery features Yules’ children and grandchildren as they farm and hunt on the 160 acre homestead.

Photos by judeadams7 and Allison W. on Tripadvisor and Kilcher Alaska Cabins

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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    • With a name like tealady3 I can understand why you want indoor plumbing! It’s no biggie though, just need to have a potty of some sort so you’re not running outside every single time you need to pee. I lived for years without plumbing, still do when I’m at my trailer camp.

  1. My family didn’t have indoor plumbing until I was in the 3rd grade and I don’t remember it being a hardship. But then, I wasn’t the one tasked with emptying the ‘chamber pot’ in the winter either.

    • Phil my name is Charles (Bucky) Moore. I knew a Phil Washburn in Clemons NY growing up. We didnt have indoor plumbing either until the mid thirties. We always had interesting reading in our outhouse with the Montgomery Ward catalog. Winter time trips were quick though no time to read

    • Thank you Sarah. I’m a fan of the show and think the family and their history are very interesting. They have several tours and events on the homestead and the Seaside Farm is just one part.

      • cool, thanks Christina. I’m working on building a tiny home for the homeless with some high school students, and will probably forward this on to them for an example of how simple, traditional cedar siding works like a dream.

  2. What a world we live in – Nazi Germany and simplicity in paradise.

    Thank you for this. Were one of you Tiny House people up there?


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