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Make Your Tiny House Feel Bigger With Paint And Color

I. Love. Color. No, that is a lie. I prefer black. Yes, the absence of all colors. No. That isn’t true either. Okay, here is the scoop. I love color but in this secret little room in my soul I desire to be like Johnny Cash, wearing only black. I like the thought of it because it would mean less decisions in life and allow my mind time to process other things than what to wear, how to decorate, and what accent color will make this or that *POP*. But then I come back down to Earth and remember that color is that which escorts us from darkness. Perhaps that is why our first tiny house was Goldenrod Yellow on the outside. It made everyday a sunny one. Since that decision I have realized that color can do so much more than just be pretty or ugly. There is an actual psychology in color and colored paint allows a space to appear bigger, smaller, or almost anything in between. So why aren’t you using paint to make your tiny house feel bigger?

Let’s face it. Selecting a paint color for any tiny space can be sweat-inducing, overwhelming, and just plain frustrating. Tiny houses can feel confining and even claustrophobic. The #1 tip though is this:

Lights come forward and darks recede. Don’t forget to use accent colors to define space.

But consider these tips as well. They may help you convert an otherwise bland, enclosed space, into something encouraging and bright.

  1. GO SOLO – Choose a color you truly like and then use the same color – but different shades – through the space. This will create a balance that will ease the transition from space to space.
  2. FIND YOUR FOCUS – Nothing says color me brave like an accent wall. You like Cobalt Blue? Find a complimentary blue, paint 3 walls with that and then hit one accent wall with the Cobalt. It will give a cohesiveness to the room without losing the punch!
  3. (NO) SMOKE BUT LOTS OF MIRRORS – Mirrors on your walls will reflect light and give off a feeling of openness.
  4. SHADES OF A FEATHER – Use the same wall paint hues throughout the space to give off a feeling of connectivity and fluidity.
  5. LOOK UP! – This is not my favorite tip but you can use your accent wall color on the ceiling as well. It won’t box you in but rather ground you and give you a feeling of connectivity.
  6. TRY A SAMPLE – Whether it be a paint chip (or a dozen or two of them, all taped together) or a 2 oz. sampler container, go for it and explore your options.

What color – if any – are you using in your small space? Why did you choose it and how does it make you feel?

By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Lisa E. - July 18, 2016 Reply

Great article. Lots to think about, lots of good tips!

    Andrew M. Odom - July 19, 2016 Reply

    Thank you so much Lisa. I appreciate it. One extra tip: spell the word “feel” right on the cover image. Geez. I need an editor. HAHAHAH

scott h. - July 19, 2016 Reply

“I went down, down, down and the flames went higher”! lets all give a nod to the man in black.

another very informative and helpful article. thank you. keep’em coming.

    Andrew M. Odom - July 19, 2016 Reply

    I am doing my best Scott. And yes, ALWAYS give a nod to the man in black. Next month? I’ll see if I can’t work in the ‘ol Okie from Muskogee!

Elisabeth in CT - July 20, 2016 Reply

Love the sample tip! In a tiny house, that little jar of color can go a long way…as an accent or the pop! However, it’s not just about lights coming forward and darks receding; nother factor is that warm colors (the reds and oranges through the golden yellows) are more expansive, while the cool tones tend to withdraw…so a bright light golden creamy yellow can go a long way to making a space seem larger, and a deep, moody blue or charcoal will make the same are feel smaller…and if it’s in the more neutral, brownish or greenish tones…downright cozy. Color can be key to making your tiny home feel cool, airy and open, or warm, earthy and snug.

Allen Michael - September 13, 2017 Reply

Totally agree with Elisabeth. Those little sample jars don’t seem like much, but they will cover a decent amount of space. If you are going for accent walls (meaning one wall is a unique color than the others), you might be able to cover the entire wall in a tiny home with a sample jar!

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