Art Teacher’s Tiny House with Amazing Storage

Art teacher, Tina built a tiny house with her husband several years ago in Pennsylvania. It’s been a multi-use space—art studio, rental, and traveling home for teaching contracts in different towns. Though her tiny home is only 160 square feet, it features an amazing amount of storage and comfortable living space.

Tina’s tiny house, The Dogstar, is 18 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. It began as a shell from Liberation Tiny Homes. Then she designed and completed the interior. As an artist and art teacher, Tina customized it to accommodate ample room to create and store her art supplies.

On one side of the living room is Tina’s pride and joy, her built-in bookcase. It stores art books, sewing supplies, and her yarn stash. When she’s sitting on her couch and working on a project, she can easily slide to the other side to access her art cart. Next to it is a fold-up Ikea table. Tina pulls it out when she needs more room for her projects. A 2-foot bump-out over the trailer’s tongue makes this possible.

Watch the Tour of this Art Teacher’s Tiny House:

She also has a little cabinet in her living room with beading supplies. Above it is the storage loft that Tina designed specifically to fit her favorite totes with extra supplies. She shares more about it:

“They’re perfect. And when I travel with the house, I don’t even have to take them down. These handles here are excellent. When I open my ladder, and I need to take things down, I actually hold on to that, and it helps me grab the totes with one hand and bring them down.”

Additionally, Tina’s tiny house features a spacious closet with room for hanging clothes, folded sweaters, and her ladder. Across from it, you’ll find her storage stairs. It’s used to store folded clothes, shoes, tools, and more.

Tina’s kitchen and bathroom don’t skimp on functional space either. This is truly impressive for an 18-foot tiny house that accommodates a loveseat and expansive art supply storage. Yet another reason why professional builders can learn much from DIY tiny homes!

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