Stunning Sedona Tiny House Village Retreat and Demonstration Project

TinyCamp is a tiny house village in vibrant Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. It’s a one-of-a-kind demonstration project created by urban planner and developer, Darin Dinsmore.

Further, it is an educational research initiative for sustainable development and tiny housing in Coconino County. As such, it is helping to make living tiny legally a reality in this part of Arizona. What’s more, it is a relaxing retreat of short-term rentals.

TinyCamp is built on an existing vacant lot, which showcases how to best utilize small, difficult to build on lots. It was no small feat—building into a steep slope. Also, it features five total houses; each inspected and permitted.

These come in these distinct types:
  • tiny houses on a foundation
  • tiny house on piers
  • tiny house on wheels

Initially, Darin purchased five student-built tiny houses from the Construction Careers Academy, in San Antonio, TX. One of these he helped get approved as affordable teacher housing at Sedona Charter School. Watch this video to learn more.

You can try out the other four at the stunning getaway Darin created at TinyCamp. The goal, as he puts it, is to create connection with yourself, your partner, and nature. Most importantly,  excellent research and legislative interest continue to come out of this unique village. As a result, it could be easier for future tiny house zoning ordinances to approved in this region of Arizona, and beyond.

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