Even Ladders Can Be Tiny For A Tiny House

I simply can’t say it enough. Space is a constant concern for a tiny house of any sort. When living in a THOW a ladder of at least 10′ high can come in handy for a number of reasons: cleaning/clearing your roof, washing your skylight window, adjusting a solar panel, and more. When living in a travel trailer a ladder is used often for inspecting the seems of the roof, the wear and tear of the material, any possible mold buildup around the vents and air conditioning unit, and just general maintenance. On a yurt they make adjusting the framework and compression rings considerably easier. But in all of these situations what a ladder doesn’t do is hide very well. At even 6′ they have to either slide under something, lean against something, or get tucked away somewhere. Usually none of these options are very functional or pretty. But when considering a ladder that augments a tiny house life a telescoping ladder can be just the tool for you!

Telescoping ladders are more versatile, portable, and convenient than the traditional aluminum or wooden ladder. Unlike a typical step ladder or extension ladder, telescoping ladders extend and lock by the foot to a user’s desired height, making them extremely functional. Made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy most units actually fold down small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. And even though they aren’t designed for commercial or heavy duty use they are perfect for home or recreation use on the occasion.

I invite you to watch and enjoy the following short video that shows the flexibility and usefulness of an affordable yet reliable telescoping ladder. To watch just hover over the video image and click on the red, centrally located, standard YouTube play button to view.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Lisa E. - March 18, 2015 Reply

The thing about this camper is that it is temporary logings. You aren’t going to put a family with young children in this and you aren’t going to live in it in the depths of winter, either. A ladder is okay for younger folks with lots of energy who don’t mind scampering up and down, but if they build a staircase into their THOW, the older they get the more they will appreciate it (and the less likely they will want to sell it off later on to get something that does have a staircase.) Besides, with designers like Abel Zyl, who wouldn’t want a staircase???

    Andrew M. Odom - March 18, 2015 Reply

    I think you are misunderstanding just a tad Lisa. The point of this ladder is not as a permanent fixture inside of a house. It is a ladder for exterior or utility use outside the house that takes up little storage room. It wouldn’t be used as an access point to a sleeping loft or anything of the sort. I am sorry for any confusion.

alice h - March 18, 2015 Reply

Those telescoping ladders are great no matter what size house you have. Especially for a single short person.

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