Purchase a Tiny House or Land with Georgia’s Little River Escape

A one stop shop in the tiny house industry is becoming even more important to buyers. Little River Escape on Lookout Mountain in Cloudland, Georgia offers it all: custom tiny houses, pre-built tiny houses, and the land to put them on.

Little River Escape offers both custom tiny houses and land.

Located on over 50 acres along the Little River, Little River Escape is a private, gated community with lots for purchase or lease where you can place your own tiny house or one you have them build. The community offers not only rural living, but swimming, hiking, fishing and a common area with pool and fire pit. Cloudland is about two hours from Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga.

The Little River is located about two hours from Atlanta and Chattanooga.

This community also allows for a lot more variety than many other tiny house communities. Each of the lots are 3/4 to one acre and zoned for one or two tiny houses, one or two small storage buildings, and dog fencing, all with prior approval. Little River Escape allows any tiny house under 1,100 square feet, THOWs under 350 square feet, park models between 350-400 square feet, modulars between 400-800 square feet, and framed houses under 1,200 square feet on foundations. Owners may occupy the sites full-time, temporarily, or on a seasonal basis.

Both woodland and riverside lots are available for purchase or lease.

If you don’t have your own tiny house, Little River Escape offers building services from various partners. A variety of types and floor plans are available as well as customizations. The homes range from about $35,000 to $120,000 depending on the size and requests.

Tiny house customizations include various decks and interior details.

Choose from over a dozen homes like the simple 280 square foot Lil’ Hunter, the one-bedroom Chattahoochee, the two bedroom, 510 square foot Hawthorne, or the Volstrukt Metal Frame Small House at 1,100 square feet. Several of the homes include rooftop decks or are ADA compliant. Once the home is placed into the community, the buyer works with the developer to connect septic and electricity.

Little River Escape also offers free tours and nightly rentals.

If you are not sure what type of home you are interested in, Little River Escape offers free tours and allows visitors to stay the night in selected homes. The cost is $125 per night and each home is fully furnished. Periodically, homeowners offer their own tiny homes for rent as well.

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By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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