Unique Four Season East Coast Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny House for Sale

This tiny house was built in Vermont and towed smoothly to Central New Jersey.

Possible uses are: cabin on a lake, extra guest room, studio in your backyard, office, or use for your pocono vacations!

This house is 160 square feet built on a 20 ft., 2 axle flatbed and features the following:

  • bamboo floors
  • sleeping loft
  • small pull-out couch
  • cedar siding
  • complete gutter system
  • 110 electrical lights and outlets

Passive solar design, completely finished walls inside with low VOC paint, kitchen “area” with refrigerator, chair/pull-put couch, high-value rigid board insulation ( ceiling is double insulated! so it is heats up great in the winter and stays cool in the summer) and comes with the gold standard heater for tiny homes: Newport-Dickinson P900 fireplace propane heater.

I did not put plumbing in on purpose so to not have any problem with zoning and it worked out great! Kitchen is all electrical. You could add plumbing or use main house as support OR use a luxurious outdoor bathroom as I did!

The house has plenty of light and air. Now that it has been tested for warmth in the coldest seasons of the east coast, you could add more windows, but it has plenty of light as it is!

$25,000 Or BEST OFFER

Please call or e-mail (only if you are seriously interested in purchasing the unit) equityedu@aol.com OR 831-227-5976. The house is located in central New Jersey. Appointments must be scheduled to see the tiny house.

loft and inside view

view out front door of tiny house

outside of tiny house with big windows