Tiny Craftsman House for Sale in Nevada

It might be something in the water, but my hometown of Reno, Nevada is becoming a hotbed for tiny houses. The latest tiny home is this beauty for sale on Craigslist. The home was built by Mitchell Mast and Nicholette Codding of the blog, Our First Tiny Home. They downsized from a 1,000 square foot home to this 230 square foot home, but have recently put it up for sale for $65,000.


The farmhouse style home was built on a 20-foot utility trailer and has a classic wood finish, arched roof and beautiful windows. The home is built with 2×4 Douglas fir framing and includes an innovative rain screen, hurricane ties on the roof trusses, an ice and water shield under the metal roof and R21 rigid foam insulation in the floors, walls and ceiling. The exterior is Western Red Cedar with custom designed shou sugi ban (burnt cedar) trim. The windows are double pane casements and the aluminum clad, solid wood door also has a small window.

Tiny-Craftsman-House-Sale2 Tiny-Craftsman-House-Sale4

The interior includes built-in furnishings, maple hardwood floors and pine paneling, non-toxic milk based paint, cement board in the kitchen and bathroom and “American Clay” natural earth plaster. The bathroom’s sliding “barn door” is sided with galvanized metal and the shower basin is made from a wine barrel. The kitchen has open cabinets, a 5.1 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, a cast iron sink, two-burner stove and a six gallon electric water heater. The loft has a venting skylight and a custom casement window. The copper wall sconces are vintage.




Photos by Mitchell Mast and Nicholette Codding

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

24 thoughts on “Tiny Craftsman House for Sale in Nevada”

  1. An attractive unit, but I see several unfinished or not quite finished details, which you would not expect at such a premium price. Sure seeing a lot of DIY tiny homes hit the market in short order. Buyer beware.

  2. Each one is different I have never been in one hard to really see in a Pic for general
    travel looks’ fine to live in Year around. a little to small . like could You amagin Yah You could not have company where could they even fit ? they are little but o.k. for some

  3. $400 per sq foot? And it’s portable, so ‘cost of living’ adjustments don’t really work do they? I think not. I think a lot more needs to be considered when thinking ‘simple’ than just materials and size. $65000 might fit into a lot of people’s plans as simplifying, but not mine. That’s too much like a lifetime mortgage.

  4. I don’t see a craftsman style home and for $65,000 I would expect more than an unfinished OSB shower and board and batten siding.The scorched wood is a cute finish but not at that money.When you see the arts and crafts home Micro Homes sold for $70,000 this one is sadly missing something.

  5. Should that actually be a craftsman’s home rather than a Craftsman House? It’s nicely crafted but not particularly in the actual Craftsman style, especially the exterior.

  6. I think “value” has a lot to do with where you live. In Ontario, where I live, the *average* house price is approx. $480K – that’s the average! In Nevada, by contrast, the average house price is less than half that, at $198K. So the price of a “tiny house” can be put in some perspective.

    Alright… is anyone else *bothered* by the fact that every time they come to tinyhouseblog.com, they’ve got to deal with this irritating drop-down “invitation” to join their mailing list? It’s SO annoying – especially because, guys, I’m already ON your mailing list! PLEASE stop torturing your loyal readership! and get rid of this annoying irritant on your page – or at least limit it to traffic that you *know* to be new to the page.

  7. Very cute. For the Reno area, not a bad price for a decent home that could be moved.

    We are expecting corporate upsizing in this area (i.e. Tesla building a gigafactory) to make property prices shoot up soon.

  8. No where in this design do I see American Craftsman??? It’s farm or Americana but it’s definitely NOT American Craftsman.

  9. Why would you live in this when a towable trailer – bigger and roomier – is less than $30,000? This is NOT towable by anyone’s truck – even the big ones. You’ll need a Semi to move it. It weighs more than 12,000 lbs!!!

    The price is just plain crazy!!!

  10. There are some nice details but there is a lot of things that should be included that aren’t there like a shower enclosure & fixtures, a small stove with 3/4 burners & oven, a much better water heater than just a cheap 6 gallon unit, a regular bath door not just a piece of framed tiny and a number of other things that are not there in this small THOW. This is not a 28 to 32 footer which is what you would expect by the high price. It is a 20 footer with an average build. Basically priced at least $25, 000 too high. Value of $35,000 at the most.

  11. Are they nuts? $65,000 is $282 per sq ft ….. luxury homes go for less than that per sq ft. And it isn’t even that attractive inside or out. I’ve seen a lot more beautifully appointed places for less money than this. If someone purchases it for that price they are either crazy or smoking too much dope!

  12. Love this house. Would be perfect for 2 Acres I am trying to sell near Elko, Nevada. Only a half mile walk to the Humboldt River. Beautiful unobstructed views in all directions. No time limit to build or any other restrictions. Great investment at this price as well. Pay now price of $2,475, or financing for $100 down and $100/month for 32 months. http://landparker.com/listings/026-042-001/


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