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Incred-I-Box: a $20,000 assembly line tiny house

In a sea of $100,000+ tiny homes, Incredible Tiny Homes made waves with their Freedom tiny house selling for only $25,000. The company has done it again with the Incred-I-Box.

The Incred-I-Box by Incredible Tiny Homes is made of remnant door panels.

Photos by Incredible Tiny Homes

Incredible Tiny Homes is selling Incred-I-Box for only $20,000. It is also the world’s first tiny home built on an assembly line. It is a pre-built 8×16 foot (128 square feet) tiny house that can be delivered partially furnished. The $20,000 cost does not include shipping, taxes, or setup.

The home is a basic one-room unit with bathroom.

The house is made of engineered steel door panels with metal roofing and insulation. Each house is delivered pre-fitted with electrical wiring and lights and is fully plumbed. Buyers can paint and finish out the home however they want. Off-grid and solar options are also available.

The home can be finished and painted by the buyer.

The space is simple and doesn’t have a sleeping loft. A convertible sofa or daybed can be set up in the main living area. Other storage options, shelving, and curtains can be added by the buyer.

There is no sleeping loft, but there is storage above the kitchen and bathroom.

Everything you need is included in one room with a tiny bathroom. A small storage loft is included above the kitchen. The kitchen includes a sink, fridge, cabinets, and 30-inch sink. The basic bathroom has a shower, toilet, and water heater. Heating and AC units also have to be added on by the owner, but the cost is pretty incredible (pun intended) for what you get.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Michael - July 21, 2022 Reply

UGH! No TV/cable/internet in the living washer/dryer machine.

J.C. - July 23, 2022 Reply

What a great looking tiny home.
Affordable and easy to pull when you want to relocate. Excellent choice for the adventurer.?

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