Yo! Home: Part High Tech Module, Part Lotus Flower

Simon Woodroff, founder of the YOTEL chain of affordable airport and city center hotels has now forayed into the land of tiny module apartments with a twist. The YO! Home is a Japanese inspired apartment with high tech space saving options.

The YO! Home bed rises up into the ceiling to reveal a sunken living room.



While these apartments are larger than a tiny house at 800 square feet, they are being touted as the apartments of the future for crowded cities. The studio apartment has a centrally located bed that rises up into the ceiling to reveal a luxurious sunken living room and entertainment area. Using counterweights, each “room” can be revealed with the touch of a button.

Other features include a pocket kitchen located inside a wall of cabinets, a pop-up dining table and bench, storage under the floor and moveable movie screens. The YO! Home also includes floor to ceiling closets for clothes and gear, a minimalist office space, and a small bathroom with full bath, toilet and sink. One wall has a large window offering light and a potentially great view.

The dining area and storage units are also stored in the floor.



The YO! Home has a small, but luxurious bathroom.


The first 24 apartments are being built modularly in a factory and will be stacked on top of each other on-site like Legos. The apartments will first be launched in the United Kingdom for around £150,000 ($227,700) followed by Manhattan, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Testing the bed transition.


The YO! Home will be sold as separate modules that can be stacked.


Photos by YO! Home

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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