Dutch Wikkelboats are made of cardboard and ready for canal life

Living tiny and living on the water are not mutually exclusive. Both experiences can be had by visiting the Wikkelboat vacation rentals in the Netherlands.

Wikkelboats are rentals available in several locations in the Netherlands.

Wikkelboats in Netherlands
Photos by Wikkelboat

Known for their vibrant canal life, the Dutch cities of Rotterdam and Den Bosch are also home to some innovative places to stay right on those canals. 

The boats are made of layers of cardboard and installed in pieces.

Wikkelboats in Netherlands

The Wikkelboats are moved to their locations via tow boat.

Wikkelboats in Netherlands

The Wikkelboats (wikkel means “wrap” in Dutch) are scattered around the city and offer a multifunctional place to stay on the water. Each boat is made of 24 layers of corrugated cardboard over an aluminum frame and base. The entire boat is waterproofed and topped with solar panels.

The interiors are simple, yet multifunctional.

Wikkelboats in Netherlands

Each boat features a living space with a kitchenette with microwave, stove, fridge, and coffee machine. Murphy and bunk beds are located inside the walls and there is also a tiny, but functional bathroom. Heating and AC are also available.

Wikkelboats in Netherlands

The best part is the deck. Overlooking the water and the city scenery, some decks feature a hidden hot tub that brings even more relaxation outside.

The beds are tucked into the walls when not in use.

Wikkelboats in Netherlands

If you are interested in staying in a Wikkelboat on a trip to The Netherlands, the rentals come with even more options. These include food delivery, boat, waterbike, and standup paddleboard rental. You can even add champagne and rose petals for a romantic getaway.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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