In-Tenta’s DROP Modular Hotel Suites

The idea of a mobile and modular hotel suite has not really caught on in most of the world, but you can’t brush aside the interesting designs of In-Tenta’s DROP series. This set of modules are this Barcelona design studio’s journey into micro architecture. Each of the DROP buildings are designed to be placed in any location while maintaining the surrounding environment. In addition, they are lightweight and contain everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Lightweight DROP Box modules are designed to be placed in any location.

The DROP Box CW is framed with wood and comes with two different exterior finishes: natural wood or composite panels made of cement and wood particles. The CW has several configurations that include one or two bedrooms, a basic kitchen, a small deck and a private, elevated bathroom and shower with a view.

The interior of the DROP Box has an elevated bathroom with all plumbing included.

The main living and sleeping area has a basic kitchen and front deck.

The DROP Box can have several exteriors including a cement composite.

The DROP Box is smaller than the CW, but can still fit two people and up to a small family. Like the CW, the DROP Box can be placed in any location. The interior is clean and minimalist with a queen bed, built-in furniture and outdoor loungers.

The DROP Pod is In-Tenta’s tubular module.

The latest designs for the DROP series have gone cylindrical. While they are still in the concept stage the DROP Pod and the DROP XL are round structures also made of wood. In addition, they can also be placed in any location and include a bedroom and bathroom with panoramic view. The dining area is on the wooden terrace. The XL is made of wood and glass and has bubble windows on each end that let in light.

The DROP Pod’s futuristic interior is still in the conceptual stage.

The DROP modules were designed to meet the growing demand for eco-tourism in the hotel industry. The modules are meant to be in tune with the surrounding area, but don’t force travelers to stay in a tent or less comfortable structure.

Photos by In-Tenta

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Hello—I’ve had a subscription for several years now but have not received anything for the last year or so. So you request to subscribe came up and I entered my information. They the request came up a second time and a third time and it probably would have continued to come up a fourth time if I hadn’t ignored it. I love this concept and may be about to do something with it on property that I own. I really hope you can straighten out your subscription process!!! I could forward to updates. Thank you.

    Kent Griswold - April 23, 2017 Reply

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