Kinetohaus Plans and Texas Airbnb Rental

What was initially a designer’s school project has become one of the most unique and affordable tiny homes. The Kinetohaus by Davis Richardson Design looks more expensive than it actually is. Richardson built the 240 square foot THOW to live in during graduate school; it took him nine weeks and only cost $25,000 to build. The house was featured on HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” and at SXSW 2017 in Austin, Texas. Two versions of the Kinetohaus’s plans are now available for purchase. In addition, you can test it out first as an Airbnb rental.

The Kinetohaus is available as an Airbnb rental in De Valle, Texas.

The galvanized metal and cedar exterior looks more expensive than it is.

Kinetohaus means “moving house” in a combination of two languages—kineto (Greek for movement) and haus (German for house). Inspired by the flexibility offered by tiny homes, Richardson built and lived in the tiny house while attending graduate architecture school at the University of Texas at Austin. Kinetohaus was his first build (he wouldn’t mind changing a few things), but the interesting clerestory roof floods the home with light and the simple interior leaves room for adjustments and upgrades.

The loft ladder was made from plumbing fixtures.

Richardson lived in the house while attending graduate architecture school.

The floors and walls are all made of 1/2 inch birch plywood; the ceiling is made with 1/4 plywood. The PEX plumbing and the electrical conduit were all built to be exposed—making it easier for less experienced builders to add their own plumbing and electricity. Exposed systems also enable future problems to be diagnosed more quickly.

The exposed conduit and PEX plumbing make it easier to diagnose any problems.

The interior is primarily made of birch plywood.

“I’m a big believer (in keeping systems exposed) I think being able to see layers and components of a building tells a richer, more complete, and honest story about it, as opposed to just covering all the “ugly” functional things up with drywall,” Richardson says on his website.

The stand up desk and the couch are also made of birch plywood.

The kitchen countertops, shelving and standing desk are also made of plywood and the kitchen features full appliances as well as a washing machine. The sleeping loft is probably the most dynamic space. Accessed by a plumbing fixture ladder, the simple bed area is surrounded by clerestory windows placed inside the wood “trusses.” At night the house lights up like a little spaceship.

The loft bedroom has nearly 360 degree views from the rooftop windows.

The shower is covered with inexpensive galvanized metal sheets.

The Kinetohaus Schematic Plan is available online for $200 and the Kinetohaus full set of drawing plans is available for $550. Richardson also offers design customization and consultation.

Plans for the Kinetohaus are available online.

Photos by Davis Richardson Design

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. I always had lots of respect for DIY people and just loved this tiny home. Richardson was studying architecture and created a practical and living example of the theories he learned in the college. I loved the library and bedroom sections the most.


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