Five Best Tiny Houses for Small Families

After downsizing, it is definitely doable for one or two people to fit into a tiny house. But downsizing for a small family is a little more difficult. In the long run, children don’t need a lot of personal items, but both they and their parents do need space. So what types of tiny houses best fit a small family with two, three or even four children?

Tiny homes that best fit a small family are the ones that are built with separate areas. While it looks amazing to have wide open areas flooded with light and minimalist surfaces and cabinets, accommodating multiple people and their stuff ranks higher than an Instagrammable interior. In addition, a tiny home needs to grow with the family. Not only do these homes need to fit small children and infants, but most families don’t want to invest in a tiny house that will need to be upgraded once those children grow up.

Here are some of the best tiny homes for small families and why they rank on this list.

Rich’s Portable Cabin Pacific Loft 399

Rich’s Portable Cabins in Oregon makes custom cabins and park models. Their Pacific Loft 399 is just under 400 square feet and features a large double sized loft accessed by a staircase, a downstairs bedroom, and even a laundry center under the stairs. The company sells another double loft park model with a bayed front end, but the Pacific Loft 399 has a flat front (and a great covered porch) that keeps the cost down.

ESCAPE Traveler XL

While the ESCAPE Traveler XL is a more expensive tiny house ($78,500), you can’t deny that the quality and attention to detail is phenomenal. This THOW is only 319 square feet, but it includes a queen sized bedroom on the main floor and two roomy lofts for children. The main living and dining area has plenty of room for multiple people and the sofa folds open for additional guests.

hOMe Tiny House

For families that have a little room and land to spread out, the hOMe design and plans works well for all members. Built by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, the hOMe tiny house is only 207 square feet, but a family of four uses it for their main living space. The couple’s two children each have their own separate “cabin” bedrooms—each under 200 square feet. This might not work out for all families with younger children, but as they grow, building them their own getaways instills independence.

Cavco Cabin Loft CL-9022LT

The Cavco company has been building park models since the 1990s and their designs can be found all over the country. Their classic Cabin Loft model has several different floor plans and one of the most family-friendly is the CL-9022LT with a U-shaped kitchen, downstairs bedroom, massive living room and a double loft separated by a wall. The double loft is connected by a staircase, but can be divided into two separate rooms for two to four children.

Drifwood Homes Sweet Grass

Driftwood Homes has been featured on various tiny house TV shows for their intelligent and beautiful interior designs. Their Sweet Grass home is only 24 feet long and has the typical loft, but also a little bedroom in the back by the bathroom. This little room could be perfect for infants or small children who need a separate and quiet sleeping area. For $62,000, this tiny house also has a cozy living and kitchen area as well as full size appliances.

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Albert Dezotell - May 23, 2017 Reply

Your known through out the industrie for having some of the best ideas, My Bucket list has a tiny home in the very near future when I speak to Randall he said you ideas are so far ahead of the the rest I remember one day I said what if we could put these on small barges he said you already thought of it. That Just blew me away

Al Dezotell 508-815-9030

Theresa - July 30, 2018 Reply

We have modified the hOMe plan slightly and are planning to fit our family of 6! It’s such a great plan.

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